Rental charges for the University Apartments are assessed via students' bursar accounts through MU Central.  These are billed by the semester - just like tuition, student fees, residence hall charges, meal plans, etc.

Rental charges for an apartment are split evenly amongst all roommates on a lease for each term.  Exceptions are for The Marq - where leases are on an individual basis - and for the summer portion of a lease - where individual leasing may be possible.

Rental charges for an entire term (summer, fall, spring) are each due in full prior to the start of the corresponding term.  Charges are typically assessed to student accounts 4-6 weeks prior to the start of a particular term (e.g. fall semester billing for mid- to late-August is usually assessed in early- to mid-July).

Billing periods through MU Central typically cover the following dates:


June 1st through August 15th*

2.5 months


August 16th* through December 31st

4.5 months


January 1st through May 31st

5 months

Depending upon the dates of your lease, rental payments for each particular term / semester equate to these durations of time.

Questions on due dates, methods of payment, or financial aid eligibility should be addressed to MU Central.

*Leases at The Marq typically begin on August 1st.  Therefore, academic year leases will include a partial summer billing charge.

Rental Rates

Additional Fees

In addition to rent, students are typically responsible for the electricity bill for their apartment.  These payments are typically made on a monthly basis.  Please see the Utilities page for more information.