Apartment Amenities

(Click here to view the at-a-glance amenities chart).

The following amenities are available in the University Apartments:

Digital Cable


TVs must be equipped with a digital QAM tuner to receive the cable signal.

View the Channel Lineup from Spectrum.

Internet / Wi-Fi


For connection information and troubleshooting, please contact IT Services.

The Marq: Please contact COCM with any questions.



Laundry facilities are available in all buildings except for Frenn.

View the Wash Alert System for Campus Town, Gilman, and McCabe

The Marq: Please contact COCM with any questions.



PrintWise is available in Campus Town East, Campus Town West, and McCabe.

For paper refilling and troubleshooting, please contact IT Services.

Please visit the Furnishings page and the Utilities page for additional information.