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Apartment Selection Process for 2024-2025

The main Apartment Selection Process for the 2024-2025 academic year has passed.  However, limited availability still exists within the University Apartments for that time period.


2024-2025 Academic Year: Apartment Application / Waiting List

 Please feel free to submit your Apartment Waiting List / Application for 2024-2025 here.


Summer 2024


Move-out information for the conclusion of the spring semester will be sent to residents in April; general move-out information is available online.



Apartment move-In information is also available online, and specific details will be sent to residents prior to the start of their lease.


Summer Transition

Specific details on the transition process between this current year and the upcoming rental period will be sent to residents in May.  General information for this transition - for both current and future residents - is available online.


Short-term Summer Housing

Limited summer housing may be available in The Commons, and may be used for:

- Summer-only bookings

- Bridging the gap between leases

- Short-term stays on campus

To apply, students may visit the Housing Portal in Checkmarq and select the Summer Residence Hall link under the Summer Housing App heading.  The priority application deadline is May 3.