University Apartments

Welcome to the Marquette University Apartments!


2020-2021 Apartment Applications

A limited selection of apartments are still available for the 2020-2021 leasing period.  Please submit your 2020-2021 apartment waiting list application here.

Information on neighborhood rentals can be found on the Neighborhood Leasing Timeline and through our Off-Campus website.



We encourage students to tour any apartment building that they might be interested in leasing, in addition to asking a lot of questions and thoroughly researching their options.  Apartment managers can accommodate individual tours as time and scheduling allows. 

Students who booked apartments for the 2020-2021 academic year will be contacted about scheduling a tour and signing the lease.

Please feel free to contact the apartment managers with questions about tours for their specific apartment buildings.


Summer 2020


2020 Democratic National Convention

Milwaukee will host the 2020 Democratic National Convention in July.   The University is excited to support bipartisan efforts that create opportunities for our students, bring economic development to the area, engage with a wide variety of city partners, and represent the city and the university in a positive light.  Requests for on-campus facilities, including apartment housing, can be submitted online.


Summer Internships / non-MU-affiliated housing

Students, alumni, and non-Marquette individuals who are in need of housing for the summer 2020 term may contact the Department of Conference Services, who offer a variety of accommodations for groups large and small.  Bookings are typically available late May / early June, through early August.


Short-term stays

Alternatively, Marquette students may apply for temporary summer housing in Eckstein and Wells Towers (The Commons).  Applications will be available after spring break.  Bookings may be as short as a few nights or as long the the entire summer.


Apartment Residents

Marquette students who are living in the University Apartments have a number of summer leasing options.