University Apartments

Please view Marquette's coronavirus webpage for guidance on related housing matters.

Welcome to the University Apartments!

Over 1000 students call the six University-operated apartments home.  Please use the links in the overview section to learn more about the University Apartments.

2022-2023 Apartment Selection Process

There are still apartments available for the 2022-2023 leasing period.  We are now operating an online application process for both available spaces and for waiting list apartments.  Eligible students may use the application to apply for any apartment type:


Submit your 2022-2023 Apartment Application here


The following links offer additional information on the leasing process:

Leasing Timeline

Campus Leasing Overview

Global Village



Spring 2022 Leasing

Limited availability still exists for the coming spring semester.  Information is available on the Applications page or through the links below.

2022 Spring-only Application