The Leasing Quiz is designed to test your knowledge on some of the more common rental questions that you will encounter during your tenancy - whether that is on-campus in the University Apartments, off-campus with a neighborhood landlord, or in the future as you move away to other locations.

Answers to these questions can be found throughout our website, via various on-campus resources (such as MUSG, MUPD, Student Development, or Sustainability), and through common knowledge and cursory research.

During the Apartment Selection Process, this quiz may be made available as a waiver to the $300 deposit to take part in the process.  In other words, passing the quiz may allow you to book a University Apartment without submitting the housing deposit.  Every individual interested in taking part of in the Apartment Selection process must pay a deposit and/or pass the leasing quiz.  Individuals who pass the leasing quiz may receive priority selection times. Regardless, apartment availability is never guaranteed.

University Apartment Leasing Quiz 2024-2025

The Leasing Quiz will be available during the regular deposit collection period, and has an early deadline for completion.