All students - even those in apartments or living off-campus - are eligible to purchase a meal plan to use in the Dining Halls and Restaurants/Cafes across campus.


Meal Plan Options:

As apartment / off-campus residents, there are two options available for meal plans:

  1. Commuter / "Loyalty 50" plan - this plan is available to all students and staff living outside of the residence halls.  It provides 50 meal swipes per semester, and may be purchased up to twice per semester.  This option can be a great supplement to cooking at home in your apartment.
  2. Resident / "Anytime Dining" plan - this plan is the default for all residence hall students, but is also available to all students and staff.  The plan provides unlimited meal swipes per semester, a limited number of guest passes, and limited Dining Dollars for use at various retail locations.


Purchasing a Meal Plan:

To purchase a meal plan, there are two options:

  1. Enroll in a meal plan through the Campus Living Portal in Checkmarq.  Instructions on how to complete this process can be found online.
  2. Contact the Office of Residence Life at 414-288-7208 or at


Sodexo is the food service provide for Marquette University.  You can find out more about their operations online, or contact their staff.