Pests and Bed Bugs

The University takes matters of pests and bed bugs very seriously, particularly as the world has seen an increase in bed bug incidences in the past several years.  The University partners with Batzner Pest Control to take a two-pronged approach to proactively prevent and combat these issues:

  1. Inspection: Every year, Batzner contractors and Marquette staff inspect on-campus housing (residence halls and apartments) to ensure that no problems exist as we prepare for fall move-in at the end of August.  With the use of their trained dogs, this step ensures that we are providing our on-campus residents with communities free of any sort of pest problem.  Information on Batzner's inspection methods are available on their website.
    • At any point throughout the year, Batzner staff are on call to respond to any suspected pest issues.  Residents should report any suspected issues to a building staff member (hall director, manager, resident assistant), who can contact the appropriate individuals to schedule an inspection.  In many instances, Batzner is able to respond the same day.
  2. Education: Of course, we need our residents to do their part in helping maintain high-quality living communities!  Simply knowing a few protocols and facts can help residents avoid compromising situations and can alieviate any fears about bed bugs, such as:
    • Bed bugs do not transmit diseases
    • Bed bugs are not symptomatic of uncleanliness and know no socio-economic bounds; they can be present in even the cleanest and nicest of hotels or homes
    • You should always inspect key contact areas (near where people sleep or relax) when staying in an unfamiliar place (hotel, friend's apartment, etc.)
    • Bed bugs can survive up to a year without feeding
    • Following the instruction of pest management contractors is integral and necessary to resolve issues in the shortest possible time
    • Please review Batzner's Bed Bugs 101 and Bed Bug FAQs to be better equipped at prevention!

In the event of a pest or bed bug issue on campus, residents should notify a staff member immediately.  Marquette staff will coordinate with Batzner and the resident to resolve the matter in the shortest time possible.  Of course, these matters include shared responsibility - financial, procedural, and otherwise - between the resident, the university, and the contractors.


Bed Bugs 101

(Batzner Pest Control)

Bed Bugs FAQs

(Batzner Pest Control)