Summer Leasing

We understand that the summer term differs greatly from the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters); our office therefore provides additional flexibility for leasing for the summer term.

Please note that leasing, individual summer leasing, and summer storage during the Summer 2024 term may be limited or unavailable in certain buildings. 
If you have questions about the options available to you, please utilize this form.


Summer Leasing in the University Apartments

While most students choose to start their leases for the fall semester*, summer leases are available to any student renting in the University Apartments for the summer preceding their academic year / fall semester lease.

At the time of the initial leasing signing, students can choose to start their lease in June to secure a spot for the summer term.  Alternatively, they can initially choose to start their lease in August, then add on the preceding summer term at a later date.

*Flexible leasing availability may vary by building.


Summer Leasing Transition

Summer leases typically begin in mid-June, since spring leases end on May 31st;  this intermediary period allows our staff time to prepare apartments for new move-ins. 

  • Continuing Residents: For residents who are already living in the University apartments and are staying in their same apartment / bedspace, the summer start date is adjusted back to June 1st; there will be no gap between leases.
  • Transferring Residents: For residents who are switching units / bedspaces within the University Apartment system, we always attempt to extend the current lease (from May into June) to accommodate a period of overlap to move from one apartment to the other.  This information will be communicated to residents shortly prior to the start of the new leasing term.  As a general rule, residents should be prepared to move within the few weeks leading up to or following their new lease start date.
  • New Residents / Early Move-Ins: As mentioned, leases traditionally end on May 31st.  Therefore, summer move-ins prior to the mid-June date are typically not possible.  However, after signing their lease, students may simply submit an early move-in request via email.  Earlier move-ins to the apartments are accommodated when possible.  (Early move-ins do not apply for transferring residents; our office will provide specific moving dates for you).
  • Temporary Housing: For students moving into the University Apartments from the residence halls or off campus, temporary residence hall accommodations typically become available during finals week in May, and can be utilized for any amount of time over the summer.  This temporary option can be used to bridge the gap prior to apartment move-in during mid-June.


Individual Summer Leasing

While the flexible-length leases in the University Apartments are joint leases, the summer term - and summer term alone - is treated as an individual lease.  This grants additional flexibility to students whose summer plans may differ from those of their roommates.

During the summer, students in Campus Town, Frenn, and McCabe pay a rental rate equivalent to what they will be paying during the fall semester, regardless of any roommates' plans during the summer.  For example:

  • Two students are renting a two-bedroom for the academic year (August to May).  One roommate would like to rent for the summer.  She pays just her half of the rent for the summer.
  • Five students are renting a three-bedroom for the fall semester (August to December).  Only two need to rent for the summer.  They each pay just 2/5 of the total apartment rent during the summer.


Extending into the Summer

Since most students graduate in May, our leasing period is set to align with this time during which most graduating students depart campus; each year's leasing period starts in June and ends the following May.  Therefore, summer leasing priority is given to the residents who will be occupying the apartment the following fall semester.

However, if a student is living in an apartment during the spring and wishes to continue past the lease end date of May 31st and into the summer - either for a few days or for several weeks - it may be possible if the future tenants are not planning on leasing the apartment.  Individuals must also remain eligible (i.e. continue to be enrolled at the University) for the summer in question.  An approved extension may incur additional rental costs.

Towards the end of each spring semester, residents are asked for their move-out plans at the conclusion of their lease.  It is at this time that residents can express their interest in extending a lease for the summer.  Extension requests are reviewed and notice is communicated in early- to mid-May.


Summer Storage

The summer storage program provides flexibility for returning renters who may have plans outside of Milwaukee during the summer term.  In select apartments, and for a reduced fee*, students may leave belongings in their apartment over the summer without fully renting or living in the apartment unit.

Students must be renting the exact same apartment from one year to the next.  For example:

  • A student rents a McCabe studio for his junior year
  • During that time, he re-books his apartment for just the academic terms (fall and spring) of his senior year
  • He moves out of the apartment (including returning his keys) during May of his junior year, leaving any belongings in the apartment over the summer.
  • He returns to the same apartment in the fall semester of his senior year.

Summer storage is therefore not available to first time renters.  In larger apartments (e.g. two- and three-bedrooms), all roommates involved must be eligible and agree to the storage terms; summer storage is not possible if new roommates are added to the apartment booking for the second year.

Please contact our office for more information on summer storage.

To enroll in summer storage, you must: have a booking for an eligible University apartment and have signed your lease to begin in August.  After signing your lease, please contact our office to procure the storage paperwork.


*Storage fees, per total apartment, for the 2022-2023 leasing period (not available at The Marq):

Apartment Type Monthly Cost Total Cost, split b/t roommates (Summer = 2.5 Months)
Studio $100 $250
One-bedroom $150 $375
Two-bedroom $250 $625
Three-bedroom $350 $875


Leasing only for the Summer

The University Apartments do not offer summer-only leases.  However, there are a number of options for students who are looking for short-term housing over the summer:

  • Temporary Housing through the Office of Residence Life - beginning shortly after the end of finals in May and running just before the start of classes in August, temporary accommodations are available in the Residence Halls on campus.  Space can typically be booked for any length of time during this window.  To apply, please visit the Housing portal in Checkmarq and proceed to the application through the Summer Housing link.
  • Guest Apartments through Conference Services - the department of Conference Services works with students and non-students during the summer months to lease out empty spaces on campus.  This is typically ideal for students or visitors who may be spending an entire summer in Milwaukee or on campus (for research projects, internships, etc.).
  • Apartment Sublets through Rent College Pads - this external website provides listings specifically tailored to the Marquette neighborhood, and allows students to connect with one another regarding sublet possibilities.


Additional Information

Flexible leasing options are closely interwoven with the individual leasing options and the flexible leasing options.  We recommend viewing the following pages for additional context: