Resident Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

What does an RA do?

RAs work to foster relationships and build positive communities on their floor and in their building as a whole.  RAs support campus-wide programming, facilitate hall-wide and floor programs, and serve as live-in resources to encourage the Jesuit value of care for the whole person.  Residents and professionals often view RAs as informative resources about the happenings of Marquette University.

What is duty like?

When an RA is on duty, they are considered to be on-call and a first responder to anything that may occur in the building.  This could include crisis situations or potential policy violations. Additionally, duty tours are a great opportunity to get to know the residents of the building as you tour the building.  The duty room in each building serves as a centralized location for residents to find staff if they should need something when normal offices are closed for the day/weekend.

How often are you on duty?

It depends on the building and the size of the staff.  There are always one or more RAs on duty each day.  On average an RA could be on duty anywhere from 1-3 times per week, depending on weekend coverage.  If you have specific questions about a building, please contact the Residence Hall Director or an RA and plan to attend the RA Meet and Greet.

What is the interview process like?

Candidates will proceed through two stages of the interview process including an individual interview and group interview.  Individual interviews are done in conjunction with the application, and are conducted and evaluated by the Residence Hall Directors.  The group interview process will follow and consist of a training exercise to complete with fellow candidates.

How many people are hired to the RA position?

It often depends on the year, but generally, the range is from 50-70 hires.  The Office of Residence Life employs 128 RAs.

How does the Office of Residence Life assign RAs to buildings?

Placement is decided based on the best fit of a candidate with each building and staff team as determined by the Residence Hall Directors.

Can I have a job and be an RA?

Yes! You may work up to 10 hours per week at a job outside of the Office of Residence Life.  You would just need to seek prior approval by your hiring Residence Hall Director.

Can I have a social life and be an RA?

Yes!  It is vital for RAs to find balance while holding the RA position and see the value of taking time for oneself to develop as a person.

Can I be involved in other student organizations and be an RA?

Certainly! Successful RAs are often involved in student organizations and can serve as connections for their residents who are looking to get involved on campus.

What is the time commitment for the RA position?

 The RA job is 24/7 in nature as you will live and work in the same location. Because of this reality, it can be hard to break down the job into specific hour requirements. Here are a few things that are consistent among the position, but keep in mind that the building of hire and time of year can impact the amount of hours you will need to give to the position.

  • Wednesday Staff Meeting: 2 hours each week
  • One-on-One meeting with supervisor: 1 hour every other week
  • RA Class: 2 hours per week for 8 weeks (first semester only)
  • Relationship Building with Residents: 1-3 hours a week
  • Programming: 1-3 hours a week
  • Additional RA responsibilities (working with hall council, ORL committees): 1 hour per week
  • Duty: varies by building

 Have a question that is not on this list?

  • Review the website for the current job description and interview information.
  • Feel free to talk with a current RA, Hall Director, or Assistant Hall Director about life in the halls or their experiences.
  • If you have a question about the recruitment process (references, application, interviews) please contact your Residence Hall Director.