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Background and Acknowledgements


     The information on this Web site is based on surveys of Marquette faculty in the spring semesters of 1995 and 2005 conducted by departmental representatives serving on ad hoc Advisory Committees on Writing. Members’ names are listed below. Their thoughtful and painstaking work in conducting the surveys and consulting with their colleagues made the site possible. The final editor of these contributions, Dr. Virginia A. Chappell, holds the ultimate responsibility for wording and emphasis. She has made every effort to be faithful to the intentions of each respondent and contributor, and welcomes further suggestions and corrections from students and faculty alike.

     Dr. Chappell’s released time to work on both phases of the project was made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to what is now the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences. Special thanks go to the deans and associate deans of the college at the time the grants were made: most recently, Dr. Robert J. Lueger, Associate Dean, and Dr. Michael A. McKinney, Dean. Originally conceived of as a booklet, the project owes its beginnings to former Associate Dean, Dr. John Krugler, who chaired the Mellon Committee that originally funded it and who provided invaluable advice at every step of its development, and to former Dean, Dr. Tom Hachey, who supported the project from the beginning. 

     Credit and gratitude for the current design of the Web site go to Jeremy Saperstein and Mykl Novak of ITS, and Pat Chambers, who provided aesthetic assistance all the way from Guemes Island, Washington. Thanks go as well to the people who worked on the previous Web site, the original booklet, and the content of both: Dan Knauss, who designed the previous site; Rebecca Cesarz and Maria Ficke, who made the original conversion from paper; Mary Berger, who produced the booklet; and finally, for insightful revision suggestions, the peer tutors at the Ott Memorial Writing Center, 1994-1996, and the students in Advanced Creative Non-Fiction, Spring 1996.

--Dr. Virginia A. Chappell

Associate Professor of English

Chair, Ad Hoc Advisory Committees on

Writing Across the Curriculum

(1994–1995 and 2004–2005)

Faculty Members, 2004–2005 Advisory Committee on Writing

  • James Courtright, Biology
  • Michael Ryan, Chemistry
  • John Davis, Economics
  • Francis Jacoby, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • John Su, English
  • Eufemia Sanchez de la Calle, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Phillip Naylor, History
  • Paul Bankston, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
  • Stanley Harrison, Philosophy
  • Joseph Collins, Physics
  • Barrett McCormick, Political Science
  • Mary Anne Siderits, Psychology
  • Erica Owens, Social and Cultural Sciences
  • Kevin Sullivan, Theology
Faculty Members, 1994-1995 Advisory Committee on Writing
  • Krishna Kumaran, Biology
  • Charles Wilkie, Chemistry
  • Douglas Booth, Economics
  • Krista Ratcliffe, English
  • Elane Granger-Carrasco, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Phillip Naylor, History
  • George Corliss, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
  • Nancy Snow, Philosophy
  • Joseph Collins, Physics
  • Barrett McCormick, Political Science
  • Stephen Franzoi, Psychology
  • Courtney Marlaire, Social Science
  • John Laurance, S.J., Theology
  • Paula Gillespie, Ott Memorial Writing Center


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Marquette University

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