Student Organization News February 2024

February 2024

Student Organization Required Training Updates

Thanks to those who attended the trainings offered by the student organizations team last semester and the Counseling Center who facilitated the Lifesavers Training early this month.

Check to see if you have completed trainings here.

Training Tracking Sheet

Spring trainings now scheduled!

  • Conducting elections: 2/19 AMU 252 @ 5-5:45pm
  • Refining and Delivering your Mission: 2/20 AMU 254 @ 5-6pm
  • Fundraising: 2/19 AMU 252 @ 6p-7p + 2/27 Marquette Hall 100 @ 6-7pm
  • Topic TBD: 2/23 AMU 163 @ 5-6pm
  • Refining and Delivering your Mission:  2/27 Marquette Hall 100 @ 5-6pm
  • Elections and Transitioning Officers: 2/28 AMU 227 @ 5-6pm


Spring Wellness Leadership Retreat

March 2, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sensenbrenner Hall room 304
Counts for two trainings!


Amazing Faiths Dinner

All students are invited to the inaugural Amazing Faith Dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the AMU Lunda Room on Monday, Feb. 19, hosted by the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee in partnership with Campus Ministry. 

This event is a great opportunity for students to connect across religious affiliations, reflect on their life’s experiences and how faith has been a part of their journey, learn more about the faith experiences of others, and enjoy great community over a free meal.  

Counts for 2 trainings.

Email proof you attended to along with a short reflection on the event.

NOTE: Many organizations have completed no trainings to date. This will affect your organization's ability to renew in spring. (See timeline of operations.)  As student leaders, we want to invest in your formation, and training topics range from operational to wellness.

If you have done an internal training with members, we are open to having that count toward these requirements depending upon what that training was. We would also give credit for your organization having participated in community service or hosting a blood drive as one of your trainings as well. Please contact the Student Orgs Team to discuss options via email

Presence is now Involve

Presence, the platform that we use to manage student organizations (also called Marquee on our campus), has changed its name to Involve. You've probably noticed this in the app or when you go to the website. There's nothing you need to do, and the name change will not affect the operation of the platform.

Prepare for Renewal

Organizations are required to renew their status each spring, and this will take place after spring break. Officers will get an email reminding them to renew, and the Involve platform (formerly Presence) will also send out the renewal notice.

See the Renewal Resources we've put online.

Student Organization Policy Highlights

In effort to help you become aware of Student Organization Policies (which you are required to follow), we wish to highlight a few here. PLEASE NOTE: These are not new policies but are long-standing. We simply wish to continue to educate you on policies that govern student organizations.

Fundraising Policy

Student organizations are permitted to sponsor fundraising activities. Only recognized and registered student organizations may sponsor a fundraising activity. There are three different types of fundraising activities: internal fundraisers, external fundraisers, and solicitations, donations, or in-kind contributions.

AMU Student Engagement Services must approve all fundraising activities sponsored by student organizations through completion and acceptance of an Event Registration Form. Fundraising activities must be consistent with the mission of Marquette University, and comport with all local, state, and Federal laws and ordinances.

Internal Fundraisers

Internal fundraisers are defined as events sponsored to raise money for internal organizational use (e.g., operating expenses, organizational activities, etc.)

  1. Contributions to internal fundraisers are not tax deductible. Student organizations may not rely on the university’s tax exempt status in organizing or operating such an event and shall in no way imply that the university is a sponsor of the event.
  2. The net proceeds of the fundraiser are to be dedicated only to funding the organization’s activities that comport with the organization’s stated purpose(s).
  3. No raffles, lotteries or sweepstakes may be held. An event involving all three of the following: (1) an entry fee (2) a prize (3) chance/luck, may fall under the legal definition of gaming, which is regulated by state law. Please contact AMU Student Engagement Services to determine if a proposed event would be considered a “raffle” or illegal gambling.
  4. Fundraisers that promote the use and/or sale of alcohol (e.g., happy hours) will not be approved.
  5. Fundraisers involving credit cards (e.g., credit card applications) will not be approved.
  6. All applications must be submitted to AMU Student Engagement Services for approval at least two weeks prior to the fundraising activity by completing an Event Registration Form.

See more on this policy, including external fundraisers and donations.

Religious/Spiritual Student Organization Council

In effort to better support and connect our spiritual/religious student organizations, we have revived the Religious/Spiritual Student Organization Council.  Religious/Spiritual organizations are approved by and work closely with Campus Ministry, and presidents of these organizations  will regularly meet with a designated member of the Campus Ministry staff and attend all religious/spiritual student organization council meetings (about three times per semester). Officers will be able to pose questions and generate ideas about your organization's needs.

Get ready to vote; Feb. 20 is the spring primary

Students who live on campus and wish to vote as residents of Milwaukee are encouraged to get their Voter ID Cards. If you are a current student and meet all of the eligibility requirements to vote in Wisconsin, you can apply for their Marquette Voter ID Card at Union Station, located in the lower level of the Alumni Memorial Union. Students must present their current valid Marquette ID card to obtain a Marquette Voter ID Card. (Please note, a Marquette ID card is not the same as a Marquette Voter ID Card.)

Union Station hours are:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Voter ID cards are good for two years. If you get one now, you will be prepared to vote in 2024 elections on April 2 and Nov. 5, 2024 elections.

Remember: If you moved since the last time you voted (even across the hall), you need to register again. Visit for more information about voting.

For additional information about student organizations, please visit our website or contact the student orgs team