Student Organization Renewal

Annual Spring Renewal

Part of maintaining active status as a recognized student organization on campus is a yearly renewal process in which your organization does the following:

  1. Updates its online information in Presence, including organization officers list on the roster and faculty/staff advisor when required.
  2. Submits an updated constitution.
  3. Fulfills requirements for continued recognition.

Please read through the information below thoroughly as it outlines the process for the three steps noted above.

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STEP 1: Renew your organization on Marquee/Presence

  1. Log into Involve (formerly called Presence) and click on your person icon on the right corner of the page. Choose admin dashboard. The head to the organizations page or click the link in your email and skip to the final picture. Screen shot from Presence showing when to find your organization listing.
  2. Search for your organization.Screenshot from Presence showing how to select your organization
  3. Click on the three dots on the right of your organization. Then select transition.Screenshot from Presence showing how to select transition
  4. Update ALL necessary information (meeting time, contact, social media handles, etc.) When done, click submit in the top right corner.

  5. Screenshot from Presence showing how to submit transitioned information

Transition status will be approved by AMU Student Engagement staff.

Download PDF Instructions for renewal.

STEP 2: Constitution

If you have not done so as part of your transition process, once transition is approved, submit an updated constitution for your organization.

  1. Go to the admin dashboard in Presence.
    Presence Admin Dashboard
  2. Choose "organizations from the left menu and select the organization from the list of options available to you.
    Accessing your organization from the admin dashboard
  3. Click the three dots and select "documents."
    Editing organization information in Presence
  4. Click the + in the upper right hand corner and upload  your constitution. Make sure to label it "Constitution" and the year.
    Updating documents on Presence

uploading constitution in Presence

STEP 3: Requirements to maintain recognized status

  1. Life Savers Suicide Prevention Training
    Marquette prioritizes cura personalis. Students’ mental health is part of caring for our community, and as student leaders, you all bear responsibility for contributing to a caring community. Thus, we are asking the president of each org to attend a 90-minute Life Savers training this spring. Multiple dates will be offered, and you will have the opportunity to sign up for one of the available dates. Information will be emailed to org presidents.
  2. Ongoing Leadership Development
    Leadership is one of the pillars of Marquette. Leadership, in an Ignatian sense, encompasses being a contemplative in action—that is a reflective and active leader who is part of the community. As student leaders we want to invest in your formation and are thus requiring the president or another officer on the roster to attend a minimum of THREE Leadership development opportunities in fall 2023. Options will include:
    • Olson Leadership Institute (Oct. 7, 2023)
    • Implicit Bias Training (dates TBD)
    • Safer Spaces Training (dates TBD)
    • Title IX (dates TBD)
    • Social Justice Education Workshops (dates TBD)
      • Identity 101
      • Identity 201
      • Difficult dialogues
      • Stereotypes and Biases
      • Allyship
      • DREAMzone
    • Maintaining your Student Org 101 series (dates TBD)
    • Running a meeting
    • Planning events
    • Marketing and publicity
    • Fundraising
    • And others added throughout the year.

We will list out all options and logistics of the training sessions as they solidify on our student organizations training page.