News for Student Organization Officers

March 2024

Student Organization Renewal

Each spring, student organizations are required to renew their status.  The process is easy and will only take you 10-15 minutes if you have all your information organized. Here's what you will need:

  1. A statement about your organization (its mission/purpose)
  2. Meeting time and location
  3. Primary Contact person (typically the president)
  4. Officer Roster (three primary officers)
  5. Responses the questions about your organization operations, including banking info.

Presidents will get an email from Involve (formerly Presence) prompting the renewal process.  We also have instructions online.

The deadline to renew is April 5, 2024.

Student Organization Awards

Nominations for the 2023-24 Student Organization Awards are now being accepted. Awards include:

  • Student Organization Member of the Year 
  • Officer of the Year 
  • Advisor of the Year Award  
  • Program or Event of the Year  
  • New Student Organization of the Year 
  • Rising Leader Award:
  • Being the Difference Award:  
  • The Reverend Robert A. Wild, S.J. Spirit of Marquette Award

Nominate here!

The award recipients will be announced at the Sorority and Fraternity Life and Student Organizations Award Program on Thursday, April 17, 6pm, AMU 163. Light refreshments will be served and a brief program will begin at 6:15 pm.

Student Organization Policy Highlights

In effort to help you become aware of Student Organization Policies (which you are required to follow), we wish to highlight a few here. PLEASE NOTE: These are not new policies but are long-standing. We simply wish to continue to educate you on policies that govern student organizations.

Publicity Policies:

There are guidelines for advertising student organization events. First and foremost, events must be registered and approved. Register event 14 working days prior to the event date in Involve (formerly Presence). You can upload your event advertising as part of that process.

The following must be indicated on all materials to be posted:

  1. the full name of the sponsoring organization
  2. the time, date and place of the event
  3. any entrance fees or costs to participate

University logo usage:

There are guidelines for using the Marquette University logos, including the Marquette Logo, Seal, Eagle, and Athletic Monogram. Generally speaking, student organization may not use these logos. They may be exceptions granted in very special circumstances as well as with regard to organizations who are club sports teams. Please refer to the Office of Marketing and Communication website for further information about logo usage.

All recognized club sports are welcomed and encouraged to use the MU monogram for their teams. The monogram may not be used by intramural sports teams or divisions of the university not directly related to intercollegiate athletics (Only Marquette varsity and recognized club athletics may use the monogram logo).

When using the monogram, teams must adhere to the guidelines that have been put in place:

  • The athletics monogram must be used in its entirety
  • The "Marquette" word banner may not be replaced by the club sport name.
  • The club sport name may only be added in "Bank Gothic" font below the monogram.
  • The monogram may be reproduced only from an original digital file, which can be obtained by contacting Jennifer Reid (, AMU and Student Engagement Director.
  • The monogram and/or its elements must not be recreated, reproportioned or altered in any way (This includes adding any additional elements such as oars, lacrosse sticks, rugby balls, etc.).
  • Reproduction of the athletics monogram must adhere to the color, size and spacing. DO NOT change the color of the logo.
  • The "monogram" is the ONLY university athletics logo that has been created and approved for use by our club sports organizations.
  • See athletics monogram webpage for more information.

NOTE also that there are guidelines regarding posting materials. Flyers/posters should NEVER be taped in restroom stalls or walls in campus buildings. There are some spaces that are reservable for posting (AMU display cases and stairwell). You can also contact Residence Life if you'd like approved material posted in the halls. You should request space at least 2 weeks in advance of when you want it posted.

The AMU Marketing Office offers printing (within certain parameters) to student organizations FREE of charge. See the resources and guideline on How to Publicize online.

Review the full policies on publicity.


All fundraising activties (whether for your oranization or raising funds for a charity) must be registered as an event. You also cannot host a raffle to raise funds as there are legal requirements to raffles in the state of Wisconsin.

Internal Fundraisers

Internal fundraisers are defined as events sponsored to raise money for internal organizational use (e.g., operating expenses, organizational activities, etc.)

  1. Contributions to internal fundraisers are not tax deductible. Student organizations may not rely on the university’s tax exempt status in organizing or operating such an event and shall in no way imply that the university is a sponsor of the event.
  2. The net proceeds of the fundraiser are to be dedicated only to funding the organization’s activities that comport with the organization’s stated purpose(s).
  3. No raffles, lotteries or sweepstakes may be held. An event involving all three of the following: (1) an entry fee (2) a prize (3) chance/luck, may fall under the legal definition of gaming, which is regulated by state law. Please contact AMU Student Engagement Services to determine if a proposed event would be considered a “raffle” or illegal gambling.
  4. Fundraisers that promote the use and/or sale of alcohol (e.g., happy hours) will not be approved.
  5. Fundraisers involving credit cards (e.g., credit card applications) will not be approved.
  6. All applications must be submitted to AMU Student Engagement Services for approval at least two weeks prior to the fundraising activity by completing an Event Registration Form.

See the full olicy on fundraising here.

Fall O-Fest 2024

Fall Organization Fest will take place Thursday, September 5, 2024, 4:00–7:00 p.m. in Central Mall. (Rain date is Friday, September 6).

Organizations who have met their training requirements and have completed the renewal will have priority registration.  Organization Presidents will be contacted with registration information in April.

For additional information about student organizations, please visit our website or contact the student orgs team