Advertising and Publicity Policies

Various types of posting areas and bulletin boards are provided throughout the Marquette University campus to provide information to students, faculty and staff.

All student organization publicity must be approved by AMU Student Engagement Services prior to campus posting. This approval is certification that the sponsoring organization has met the following applicable conditions established by AMU Student Engagement Services. Authorization may be refused if one or more of these conditions have not been met. This authorization is neither an endorsement of the activities nor of the subjective quality of the publicity, but rather allows the sponsoring organization to publicize events in accordance with these procedures.

The following must be indicated on all materials to be posted:

  1. the full name of the sponsoring organization
  2. the time, date and place of the event
  3. any entrance fees or costs to participate

Note: For all dances, parties, concerts the following must be on the publicity and tickets: Must have valid college ID, and 18 years of age with proper identification.

In order for publicity to be approved, the event MUST first be approved, and appear on MARQUEE with the publicity attached to the event. If the publicity is not included on the MARQUEE event, the publicity has not been approved to post.

If an event is submitted and approved without publicity, students may go back and upload a flyer later. To do this, simply log into MARQUEE to edit.  If additional support is needed, please email

Please note: All publicity must be removed from campus posting locations one day following the event.

When posting in any area, local regulations supersede those set by AMU Student Engagement Services. It is the responsibility of the organization initiating the publicity to comply with such regulations. Students wishing to post advertisements and notices in buildings other than in the AMU facilities are urged to check with the appropriate college or departmental secretaries or building supervisors for rules governing posting in that building or area.

Only officially recognized Marquette University student organizations may advertise functions or activities within the campus area. Occasionally, when the interest to Marquette students would be great, small notices, either commercial or from other universities, may be posted if authorized.

Any organization failing to comply with these policies and procedures may lose their posting privileges as well as other privileges for a stated period of time. In addition, the organization may be charged the cost for the removal of the posters from the unauthorized location(s)

  1. Posters must be removed within 24 hours of the completion of the event.
  2. Activities which are open to members and non-members of the organization may be publicized through general advertising media. However, notification of a meeting or event that is only open to organization members should be made internally (via MARQUEE, email or other means).
  3. Flyers and posters must be confined to bulletin boards and designated posting areas, such as kiosks, classroom announcement boards with faculty approval, and posting boards. Posting on walls, windows, doors, sidewalks, fences, buildings and grounds is strictly prohibited and all publicity placed there, with or without an approval, will be removed. There may be only one poster or flyer publicizing a given activity on a bulletin board.
  4. AMU Brew Bayou Java Jacket stickers are available to reserve through AMU Event Services, 245. 500 sleeves per event will be allotted to the customer. These can be obtained by stopping by the Brew Bayou with a copy of their confirmation. The organization is responsible for affixing the stickers to the jackets and they cannot cover the Brew Bayou logo. IF the logo is covered, a $50.00 charge will be assessed.
  5. Table tents for the Marquette Place, Brew Bayou and Brooks Lounge can be reserved in AMU Event Services. When printing, please use the following guidelines:
    1. Marquette Place : 100
    2. Brew Bayou : 25
    3. Brooks Lounge : 15
  6. The maximum allowable size for posters is 11 x 17 inches.
  7. Posters for Milwaukee, State, and Federal elections must conform to the stated posting requirements, including the student organization’s sponsorship. (See Policy on Sponsorship of Non-University Political Activities for more information).
  8. College, Hall Council, RLLB, and MUSG general election campaign posters need not be approved, but they must meet all other criteria specified for posting. While campaign materials for all-university general elections may be distributed throughout the university, it is required that individual college elections be publicized only in those buildings used by the college holding an election. (Buildings considered to be part of the College of Arts and Sciences: Cudahy Hall, Johnston Hall, Marquette Hall, Wehr Life Sciences, Todd Wehr Chemistry, and Lalumiere Language Hall).
  9. If a student organization wishes to distribute literature within the union, a lobby table may be secured through the AMU Event Services Office. A single copy of each item to be distributed must be submitted to and approved by AMU Student Engagement Services at least five (5) working days prior to the proposed distribution of materials (See Policy on the Distribution of Non-Academic Literature, for more information.)
  10. Banners may be displayed on campus and in the AMU only in certain designated areas. Banner dimensions must not exceed 42"W by 84"L. Reservations for banner space should be made well in advance by contacting the Event Services Office.
  11. If commercial posters are to be used, only those specifically designed for Marquette University will be permitted to be posted. All commercial posters must comply with all Advertising and Publication Procedures.
  12. No posters will be approved advertising or implying the sale or use of alcoholic beverages.
  13. Space for posters and table tents in residence halls must be reserved through the Office of Residence Life. Events and publicity must be approved by AMU Student Engagement Services before reserving space in residence halls.
  14. Any organization wishing to chalk sidewalks and walkways must submit a written copy of the proposed chalking message for approval to AMU Student Engagement Services at least 4 working days prior to the proposed date of chalking. However, chalking is not allowed on the sidewalk between the AMU and the Parking Structure, within 50 feet of any door, under any overhang (i.e. Olin Engineering or the AMU/Weasler walkway), on every sidewalk block or on any wall.
  15. All advertising and publicity that contravenes the moral teachings of the Catholic faith or is contrary to Marquette’s Jesuit mission and philosophy will not be approved.

Marquette University Logo Usage
There are guidelines for using the Marquette University logos, including the Marquette Logo, Seal, Eagle, and Athletic Monogram. Student organizations may not use these logos without express permission from AMU Student Engagement Services to do so. Please refer to the Office of Marketing and Communication website for further information about logo usage.

All recognized club sports are welcomed and encouraged to use the MU monogram for their teams. The monogram may not be used by intramural sports teams or divisions of the university not directly related to intercollegiate athletics (Only Marquette varsity and recognized club athletics may use the monogram logo).

When using the monogram, teams must adhere to the guidelines that have been put in place:

  • The athletics monogram must be used in its entirety
  • The "Marquette" word banner may not be replaced by the club sport name.
  • The club sport name may only be added in "Bank Gothic" font below the monogram.
  • The monogram may be reproduced only from an original digital file, which can be obtained by contacting Jennifer Reid (, AMU and Student Engagement Director.
  • The monogram and/or its elements must not be recreated, reproportioned or altered in any way (This includes adding any additional elements such as oars, lacrosse sticks, rugby balls, etc.).
  • Reproduction of the athletics monogram must adhere to the color, size and spacing. DO NOT change the color of the logo.
  • The "monogram" is the ONLY university athletics logo that has been created and approved for use by our club sports organizations.
  • See athletics monogram webpage for more information.

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Chalking Announcements on Campus

Any organization wishing to chalk sidewalks and walkways must submit a written copy of the proposed chalking message for approval to AMU Student Engagement Services at least three working days prior to the proposed date of chalking.

When chalking on campus, please remember:

  • no chalking is allowed on the sidewalk between the AMU and Parking Structure 1;
  • do not chalk within 50 feet of any door;
  • do not chalk under any overhang (it takes a very long time to wear away);
  • alternate sidewalk blocks so you are not chalking on every one;
  • chalking on buildings or walls is strictly prohibited;
  • the material used to mark the walk must be water-soluble chalk (sidewalk chalk); The use of markers, paints, oil-based products, or spray chalk is prohibited.

If you are already submitting a flyer for your event, and the message you plan to chalk is identical to what is on the flyer, simply notify the front desk staff. No additional submissions are required.

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