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Type of Printing

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NOTE: 3 working days needed to fulfill request.

NOTE: File will be stretched proportionately as large to maximum size as possible.
NOTE: Special requests may not be possible to fulfill.

In order for your request to be accepted, you must register your event with the AMU Student Engagement Services via MARQUEE, and the event MUST be approved before publicity can be printed and hung around campus.

AMU Student Engagement Services reserves the right to deny publicity approval if the poster does not represent Marquette in an appropriate manner.

In addition, you must email a digital copy of your poster (.jpg, .pdf, .ppt, .doc) to the Student Affairs Marketing Office with the subject line "Print Request".

Only high quality images will be accepted for printing (300 dpi OR 1500 pixels H and W minimum).

In addition, the following apply:

  • Allow for 3 working days turn around time to fulfill request.
  • The number of posters per event is limited to the above.
  • Trimming of posters is NOT included.
  • Printing of table tents or flyers is not available through this office.
  • Organizations are responsible for the design of their materials.