Biomedical Sciences Pre-Dental Post-Baccalaureate Program (BMPD) - Curriculum

Summer Semester 11 Credits
BISC 3213 Biochemistry 4
BISC 5145 Human Physiology 4
BISC 4147 Physiology Lab 1
BISC 7021 Medical and Dental Terminology 1
BISC 7002 Dental Health and Society 1
BISC 7005 Professional Development 1 (SNC/UNC) 0
Fall Semester 14 Credits
BISC 3110 Nutritional Aspects of Health 3
BISC 5340 Human and Applied Medical Genetics 3
BISC 7215 Clinical Microbiology with Lab 4
BISC 7235 Principles of Dental Gross Anatomy 3
BISC 7001 Principles of Dentistry 1
BISC 7006 Professional Development 2 (SNC/UNC) 0
Spring Semester 15 Credits
BISC 3150 General Pathology 3
BISC Elective* 3
BISC 7160 Foundations in Public Health (w/service learning) 3
Public Health and Health Policy Core Elective 1** 3
Public Health and Health Policy Core Elective 2*** 3
BISC 7007 Professional Development 3 (SNC/UNC) 0

*Students may choose one of the following courses for the BISC Elective:

  • BISC 4120 Pharmacology 3cr.
  • BISC 5140 Functional Neuroanatomy 3 cr.
  • BISC 5173 Principles of Human Embryology 3 cr.
  • BISC 5325 Endocrinology 3 cr.

**Students may choose one of the following for the Public Health and Health Policy Core Elective 1:

  • CLLS 2060 Public Health 3 cr.
  • BISC 7153 Epidemiology 3 cr.
  • BISC 7150 Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics 3 cr.

***Students may choose one of the following for the Public Health and Health Policy Core Elective 2:

  • BISC 4461 Comparative Health Politics and Policy 3 cr.
  • Other MU courses based on approval of program director 3 cr.
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"Through Marquette's BMPD program, I have had the opportunity to experience a unique curriculum that has a pre-dental and community health focus.This program has not only allowed me to improve my academic credentials, but has also prepared me for the intense and rigorous course load that I will experience in dental school."

-Theresa Kim Vu, BMPD 2017 Cohort


"I've really enjoyed my time within the BMPD program. I've made close friendships with all of my classmates, which is hard to say for other programs due to class size. The program really has molded and enhanced my academic performance along with my professional and social skill sets. One thing that truly stands out about this program is our director and all the faculty's compassion and dedication towards our success not just in this program but within our daily lives."

- Matthew Wright, BMPD 2017 Cohort