Welcome Marquette Faculty and Staff

The Marquette University Career Center staff is available to provide comprehensive career education, and professional preparation services and resources for undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. Career Counselors, Advisors, and Interns are available to assist students and alum with a variety of career-related topics such as:

The Career Center provides students with tools now to prepare them for future professional success. We do all we can to encourage students to be active participants in their ongoing career development.

The Career Center also understands that career development is a holistic experience at Marquette; happening inside and outside of the classroom. The Marquette University Career Center is dedicated to collaborating with campus faculty and staff to foster students career development in pursuit of meaningful lives.

There are numerous ways for faculty/staff and the Career Center to collaborate for the benefit of Marquette students and alumni. There are also many ways that you, as a faculty or staff member, can introduce your students to the process of career development and aid them through. 

This section of our website was created as a portal for learning more about The Career Center, our services and resources; the career development process; and tools available to you for assisting students during the career development process.