Job, Internship and Co-op Posting Guidelines

Employer organizations posting opportunities on Handshake must have actual or anticipated valid, career-related full-time, internship, or co-op opportunities for students and alumni. The organization must accurately describe the responsibilities and requirements for the opportunities within the job posting. Additionally, all conditions for advertised positions must be clearly publicized in the position description. This includes, but is not limited to, positions that are commission-based, involve out-of-pocket financial expenses, test taking, etc.


Each position must:

  • Be a career-related full-time, internship or co-op opportunity for students and recent alumni
  • Target majors, programs and interests of Marquette University students
  • Include a clear and complete job description
  • Include the location of the position

The following types of positions will not be approved in Handshake:

  • Postings for positions in direct moral conflict with Marquette University's mission as a Catholic, Jesuit institution
  • Internships that do not provide a learning environment supported by supervision
  • Opportunities that target majors or programs not offered at Marquette University
    • Please review these lists: Marquette Majors & Marquette Graduate Programs
  • Postings with an incomplete and/or unclear job description
  • Student worker/part-time positions, such as camp counselor, nanny, wait staff, concession stand worker, etc.
    • Please note: Jobs that are not career-related may be posted through the Student Employment Office on the JobConnection website
  • Postings requiring a DDS or JD degree
    • To recruit dentists or dental students please contact:
    • To recruit for positions requiring a law degree and/or to recruit law students please contact the Marquette University Law School Career Planning Center
  • Postings that target alumni with more than five years of experience, including executive level positions
  • Opportunities that charge fees for placement
  • Opportunities to participate in research studies
  • Postings for the following positions will be declined:
    • Tutoring
    • Camp Counselors
    • Campus Brand Ambassador Positions
    • Teaching English Abroad Positions
    • Commission based jobs that do not meet all criteria outlined below
    • Financial services roles that do not meet all criteria outlined below
    • Roles posted by third party recruiting and staffing agencies that do not meet all criteria outlined below


The compensation arrangement must be clearly noted in the job posting.


All conditions for advertised positions must be clearly noted on job listings. This includes, but is not limited to, positions that are commission based, involve out-of-pocket financial expenses, test taking, etc.


Participation on Handshake is limited to job postings, provided the agency comply with the below conditions:

  • All staff associated with the Handshake account must self-disclose their status as a third-party recruiter.
  • Include the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer in the job posting, and permit the Marquette University Career Center to verify this information by contacting the named client.
  • Charge no fees to the candidate.
  • In accord with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), release candidate information provided by the university exclusively and only to the identified employer. Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.
  • Comply with all federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws (Title VI and IX, and ADA) and all other Marquette University Career Center policies.


The Marquette University Career Center will not approve job postings or internships involved with the use, production, testing, or distribution of recreational or medical marijuana. As the use of marijuana is illegal at the federal level and Marquette receives funds, we comply with federal law. 


The Marquette University Career Center reserves the right to terminate from or refuse the participation of any organization in recruiting activities. Reasons may include misrepresentation, complaints by students/alumni or violation of Marquette University Career Center recruiting policies. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deny organizations that are in direct moral conflict with our mission as a Catholic, Jesuit institution from recruiting on campus. All decisions concerning registration of companies and organizations are made in the University's sole discretion.