On-Campus Engagement Opportunities

The Marquette University Career Center is committed to building an inclusive campus community that facilitates effective employer connections with students at all levels (Freshman to Doctoral) and in all majors. Employers have a wealth of career guidance to provide to students, and we are delighted when organizations share their expertise. There are several ways that your organization can partner with the Career Center to assist Marquette students and alumni immersed in the career development process. 

Due to the uncertainty of future circumstances surrounding COVID-19, on-campus employer engagement opportunities such as on-campus interviews and publicity tables/info sessions will be shifted to virtual and/or socially distanced engagements for the 2020-21 academic year. Contact recruiting@marquette.edu for additional information/options surrounding these engagement opportunities.

Posting Positions
On-Campus Interviews
Career Fairs
Publicity Tables and Info Sessions

Student Organizations
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Additional Involvement Opportunities
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Posting Positions

Post a Internship, Co-Op, or Full-Time Position 

The Marquette University Career Center encourages employer partners to post internships, co-ops and full-time positions to Handshake, our online career development platform.

Posting opportunities is free but employers must have an approved employer account and positions must meet the Marquette University Job, Internship & Co-op Posting Guidelines and Recruiting Policies to be approved.

Please see our instructions for setting up an Employer Account on Handshake and connecting to Marquette University.  Once your account is approved, please follow these instructions for posting a position.

Post a Part-Time Position

Employers interested in posting jobs such as temporary, seasonal or part-time work (e.g. tour guides, nannies, caregivers, and other non-career related positions) should contact the Marquette University Office of Student Employment about posting to Job Connection

Post a Law or Dentistry Position 

The Marquette University Law School and Marquette University School of Dentistry maintain their own job posting systems and should be contacted directly.  Positions requiring a J.D. or D.D.S. degree will not be approved on Handshake.

Diversity Recruitment Resources for Search Committees

The goal of this toolkit is to provide search committees with the opportunity to examine issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion as they relate to hiring practices.

On-Campus Interviews

Recruiting through on-campus interviews is an excellent way to connect with talented students and enhance your organization’s on-campus brand.  The majority of on-campus interviews will be held in the Career Center’s professional interview suites.  The Career Center staff are happy to discuss on-campus interview processes with you and to schedule a visit to Marquette University!

Conducting on-campus interviews is free but employers must have an approved Handshake Employer Account and positions posted must meet the Marquette University Job, Internship & Co-op Posting Guidelines and Recruiting Policies to be scheduled.

 On-campus interviewing accommodations:

  • Private interview suites in a secure, neutral space for students from all colleges
  • Employer Lounge with complimentary light snacks and beverages
  • Reception desk and waiting area for students
  • Staff members in close proximity for support
  • Access to Wi-Fi so you can work in between interviews 
  • Additional space for greeters or lunch may be available upon request

On-campus interviewing schedule options:

  • A pre-select schedule is the most frequently used interview schedule. Employers set candidate screening criteria, review resumes and select candidates to interview after the application deadline.
  • An open schedule is where any qualified student can sign up for an interview time; there is no selection process on the employer’s part.
  • A room only schedule is for employers who wish to schedule interviews directly with candidates. Many employers with a shorter recruiting timeline have used this option. Room only schedules must still be requested through Handshake

Scheduling considerations:

  • Most on-campus recruitment occurs from September through November and February through April. 
  • Undergraduate Academic Calendar
    • First day of classes fall semester: August 26
    • Labor Day: September 7
    • Midterm Exams: October 9 – October 15
    • Midterm Break: October 16 – October 18
    • Thanksgiving Holiday: November 25 – November 29
    • Last day of classes fall semester: December 8
    • Fall Final Exams: (remote) December 2 – December 9
    • Christmas Holiday: December 10 - January 24
    • First day of classes spring semester: January 25
    • Midterm Exams: March 15 – March 20
    • Spring/Easter Break: March 27 – April 5
    • Last day of classes spring semester: May 8
    • Spring Final Exams: May 10 – May 15
    • Senior Week: May 17 – May 21
    • Commencement: May 23

Eligibility for scheduling on-campus interviews:

Requirements for scheduling on-campus interviews:

  • On-campus interviews must be reserved at least three weeks prior to the scheduled interview date
    • Employer must:
      • Have an approved Handshake Employer account connected to Marquette University
      • Have job(s) posted on Handshake
    • Employer must not have any past due payments owed to the Marquette University Career Center 

Requirements for employers conducting on-campus interviews:

  • Maintain confidentiality of students and alumni information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    • In order to protect student confidentiality, employers should refrain from discussing candidate qualifications/performance in public areas of the Career Center including open spaces outside the interview suites and Employer Lounge.
  • Limit interviews to Marquette University students and alumni*
    • Complete interviews by 4:00 p.m. and depart by 4:30 p.m.*

*Exceptions may be made with approval from the Marquette University Career Center's Employer Relations Team. To request an exception, please contact recruiting@marquette.edu

Additional employer responsibilities: 

  • Maintain communication regarding on-campus interview reservations and schedules with the Marquette University Career. This includes:
    • Answering inquiries from the Employer Relations Team in a timely manner
    • Canceling room reservations that are no longer needed as soon as possible
  • Communicating all on-campus interview logistics to the recruiting personnel who will be conducting the on-campus interviews
  • Sharing the Marquette University Career Center's recruiting policies with the recruiting personnel who will be conducting the on-campus interviews

How to request an interview schedule:

On-campus interview requests may be entered through Handshake. Prior to building an interview schedule, it is recommended to: 

Visit Campus: Publicity Tables and Information Sessions

The Career Center Employer Relations Team is happy to help organizations visit campus to connect with and recruit students.  There is no charge for these services.  Please contact our office to discuss scheduling.

Schedule a Publicity Table:

Organizations may reserve a table in the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) or within certain academic college entry or first floor lobbies. Publicity tables are most effective when an organization is promoting the company and an opportunity (a job, internship, case competition, office visit, etc.). To schedule a publicity table, the Career Center requires that employers:

  1. Post a job or internship opportunity or event (case competition, open house, etc.) within Handshake.
  2. Comply with the Marquette University Recruiting Policies.

*To request a publicity table, please contact recruiting@marquette.edu to inquire about available dates

Host an Information Session: 

Organizations may reserve a room in the Marquette University Career Center for an information session. Organizations often host information sessions before an application deadline or a day or two before an on-campus interview.

*To discuss hosting an information session, please contact recruiting@marquette.edu with the dates and times you would like to consider for your information session.

Promoting your visit:

To promote your visit to campus, the Career Center staff will:

  • Post your table date, time and recruitment focus to the Handshake platform.

Scheduling considerations:

Most organizations will visit campus for 3-5 hours.  We recommend scheduling a table Mondays-Thursdays as fewer classes are scheduled on Fridays.  Student traffic is busiest during the times between classes.  Starting your lobby table 15-20 minutes before a time when classes change is a way to efficiently maximize your time on campus.

Student Organizations

Attending Marquette University Student Organization meetings is an excellent way to meet with students in focused group settings.

Connect with Faculty & Departments

Target undergraduate and graduate students whose majors are of interest to your corporation by connecting with one of Marquette's 12 colleges. To discuss connecting with faculty members in a specific department, please contact recruiting@marquette.edu

Additional Involvement Opportunities

If your organization is interested in connecting with and supporting MU students and alumni through additional involvement opportunities, please contact recruiting@marquette.edu. In the past, employers have reviewed resumes, offered practice interviews, hosted job shadow events or site tours. The Career Center staff look forward to discussing your interests and goals with you.

If your organization is interested in creating a new or larger-scale campus event, confirming the date and goals with the Career Center one month prior to the start of each semester will enable us to help your organization most effectively (especially for events that will require multiple room reservations and a larger campus catering order).  For larger events, the campus catering menu and AV rental costs are listed on the Event Management website 

Campus Partners: