Academic Job Search

The Career Center is here to assist you with job search strategies. Additionally, we review CVs, resumes and cover letters, conduct practice interviews and discussions revolving around networking strategies.




  • Research the specifics for your discipline
    • The faculty job search varies widely across disciplines, consult your advisor and mentors to:
      • Identify the annual hiring cycle for your field
      • Determine which application materials are usually required
      • Determine if search committees interview at annual conferences or other events
      • Learn typical deadlines and decision-making timelines
  • Expert Advise: Job Search / Career Planning
    Expert Advice provides explanations and insights about searching for a job and planning a career. Learn helpful strategies from experienced professionals such as faculty members, administrators and authors.


  • Academic Careers Online
    Academic Careers Online includes faculty, teacher, research, post doc, adjunct, library, administrative and senior management positions at (community) colleges, universities, research institutes, and schools around the world.
  • Academic360 is a meta-collection of internet resources that have been gathered for the academic job hunter. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teaching positions.
  • The University Jobs 
    Find Faculty, Staff, Student Positions at University & College Campuses in All 50 States
  • Inside Higher Ed: Careers
    Inside Higher Ed is the online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education
  • ChronicleVitae
    Job search engine, which is “a service of through The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • HigherEdJobs
    Source for jobs and career information in academia
  • Postdoc Jobs
    Online service dedicated to postdoc recruitment
  • Women in Higher Education: Jobs
    Job search engine geared towards Women in Higher Education


Networking with professionals in your field(s) of interest exposes you to industry information and is greatly helpful in beginning and furthering your career.


Applying for an academic job could entail submitting professional documents, references and an application. These materials will provide an organization with the opportunity to evaluate your skills, abilities, accomplishments, and overall work history. 


Interviewing is an educational institution's opportunity to evaluate your fit for a position and the institution as a whole. This is a prime opportunity to display your capabilities and qualifications. It is also your chance to determine if the position and institution are a good fit for you.