Professional Formation Competencies

National Association of Colleges and Employers's (NACE) career readiness competencies and Marquette University's guiding values inspired these Professional Formation Competencies.  


Problem Solve with Curiosity

You solve problems with conscience and curiosity, using critical thinking.


Develop Career Management Skills

You approach career management with attention to self-awareness, intentional effort to grow knowledge related to profession, quiet reflection, and action toward fulfilling your unique purpose. 


Collaborate for Solidarity

You collaborate for solidarity, prioritizing working for the good of the group and acting as a person for and with others. 


Communicate Responsibly and Ethically

You approach ethical communication with the intent of identifying reliable sources, taking responsibility for what and how you communicate, and reaching shared understanding. 


Lead for the Common Good

You demonstrate leadership through self-initiative and the empowerment of others to advance solutions for the greater good of all. 


Commit to Justice, Equity, and Belonging 

You understand biases and advocate for an environment that fosters belonging of diverse people, appreciation of differing perspectives, and action toward justice, equity, and belonging. 


Adapt in Discipline and Technology 

You adapt in your discipline and relevant technologies, knowing the tools available to you and participating in advancements in your profession.