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Whether it's making a career counseling appointment to talk about your future career plans or beginning your internship/job search, Handshake is the place to start. Handshake has features that allow you to personalize your profile, making it even easier to stay connected with the Career Center and employers.

With Handshake you can:

  • Schedule career counseling appointments
  • View job and internship opportunities relevant to your career goals
  • Receive updates from the Career Center
  • Sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Join career fairs and other career events on campus
  • Follow and connect with your favorite employers
  • Find resources specifically matching your career interests

Getting Started

Every current Marquette student - and those that graduated after May 2015 - have an existing  Handshake account. It's easy to access your profile; just follow these steps:

  • Access Marquette on Handshake at https://marquette.joinhandshake.com/
  • Log in using your full Marquette email address. For example, alex.smith@marquette.edu instead of alex.smith@mu.edu
  • When prompted, continue log in process using your CheckMarq/eMarq username and password
  • Follow the prompts to complete personalization of your profile
  • Once you build your profile, you will be able to make an appointment to meet with a career counselor, search for employers/jobs/internships and explore careers that interest you

**ALUMNI: Please be sure to utilize a non-Marquette University email address when setting up your account. The approval process for a Handshake account can take up to two business days. If you need your account to be approved immediately, please do email career.center@marquette.edu to make this request. 

Tips and Videos

Personalize Profile: Personalizing your profile can be a great way to market yourself to employers on Handshake. To make edits to your profile, click on your name in the top right corner and select My Profile. You can add a short bio, work experiences, extracurriculars, skills, and much more. You are also able to upload documents such as a resume and/or a cover letter.

Schedule an Appointment with the Career Center: Individual career appointments are available to students and alumni regarding all areas of career planning and preparation. To schedule an appointment, follow these steps: Instructions.

Job/Internship Search: Handshake is a great tool to search for jobs and internships. Each employer on Handshake was approved by Marquette University Career Center. To search for a job or internship, follow these steps: Instructions.

Save a Job Search: Saved Filters allow you to save a previous search so you don't have to fill out search criteria again. To create a Saved Filter, follow these steps: Instructions.

On-Campus Interviews: After applying to a position, you may be selected to interview. To schedule an interview, follow these steps: Instructions.

Upcoming Events: Many events are posted on Handshake including career fairs, employer recruitment tables, networking events, information sessions, and open interview dates. To learn about upcoming events, follow these steps:

  1. Click Events in top menu bar of Handshake
  2. Select desired event to learn more about it, view attendees, and join
  3. Upcoming opportunities and events are also displayed in the Home section of Handshake

Avoid Job Scams

The Career Center makes every effort to thoroughly screen employers prior to granting them access to post jobs and internships at Marquette through the Handshake platform. Job and internship postings are also reviewed for legitimacy and relevancy. However, it is always important to exercise caution when searching for jobs and internships in Handshake or any other online career platform.

Due diligence in researching employers and assessing potential opportunities is a great first step in exercising caution. Jobseekers are advised to watch for red flags and avoid engaging with employers or opportunities that seem suspicious. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. If something seems "off" about an employer, it probably is.

Red flags may include:

  • Employers asking you to submit payment or share your bank account information before being considered for a position.
  • Employers offering you a large sum of money up front.
  • Receiving a job offer without having interviewed for a position.
  • Job postings that focus on the amount of money to be made with little to no reference to job duties.
  • Employers offering job search or interview tips in exchange for money.
  • Multiple spelling errors or grammatical mistakes in employer communications.
  • Emails from a contact whose email address does not match the company's website or has the company name misspelled (e.g., jane@companyy.com instead of jane@company.com).

If you receive any communication from an employer that you feel is suspicious or potentially fraudulent, do not continue interacting with the employer and do not provide any personal information. Inform the Career Center about the situation immediately and we will investigate and take appropriate action. Click here to fill out the "Report a Fraudulent Job Posting" form and a Career Center representative will be in touch within two business days.

Employment Eligibility Questions

The next time you apply for a position through Handshake, you will be prompted to answer the questions below. 

  1. Are you legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer?
  2. Will you now or in the future require visa sponsorship?

Through collaboration with staff from the Office of International Education, we suggest the following responses to these questions. 

Suggestions for Marquette University F1 Students

Question: Are you legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer

Response Suggestion: If you are applying for off-campus positions related to your major/field of study at Marquette University, you may be eligible for permission to work based on authorized Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT). Remember that there are eligibility requirements for CPT and OPT authorization.   More details are available from advisors at the Office of International Education and online.

If you and the position are eligible for CPT or OPT, we suggest answering “YES’ to this question. 

Question: Will you now or in the future require visa sponsorship?

Response Suggestion: As a F1 student, after your OPT time is fully utilized, you may need a different visa status to legally work in the U.S.

Because this question inquires about your future ability to work in the U.S., we suggest answering YES if you would want the employer to provide sponsorship for a new visa status. 

If you have questions about work authorization for off-campus opportunities, please contact the Office of International Education. If you have questions about your internship/job search or the Handshake website, please contact our office to schedule an appointment

On-Campus Interview Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Employer organizations and Marquette offices seeking to hire Marquette University students for jobs, internships or co-ops may choose to conduct on-campus interviews within the Career Center. 

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Cancelling On-Campus Interviews 

Marquette University expects students to uphold their commitment to on-campus interviews with employer organizations and/or Marquette offices. Should a scheduling conflict arise a student should contact the Career Center at 414-288-7423 or at recruiting@marquett.edu at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled interview. Students may also cancel an interview on Handshake up to 24-hours prior to the interview.

When canceling an on-campus interview the student must provide:

  • Full Name
  • MUID#
  • The employer organization the student is scheduled to interview with
  • The Date and Time of the Interview

As a professional courtesy, the Career Center strongly encourages students to send the employer an email apology explaining the reason for their cancellation.

No Show Policy

Marquette University takes cases of no shows seriously because employer organizations have scheduled time out of their day to visit campus. A student will be considered a no show if they do not show up for their interview and have not notified the Career Center of a cancellation at least 24-hours prior to the interview via phone at 414-288-7423 or via email at recruiting@marquette.edu

The Career Center will call and email a student when an employer organization alerts us of a no show; to determine if the student is in route, lost, or does not plan on attending. No shows to on-campus interviews will be handled accordingly:

First Occurrence: The student must schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director, Employer Relations of the Career Center before they will be allowed to schedule future on-campus interviews. The student must arrange this meeting.

Second Occurrence: The student must schedule a meeting with the Courtney Hanson - Director of the Career Center before they will be allowed to schedule future on-campus interviews. The student must arrange this meeting by emailing courtney.hanson@marquette.edu

Subsequent Occurrences: Any no show beyond two occurrences will be reviewed by the Career Center leadership team to determine the student’s continued eligibility to participate in Marquette University’s on-campus interview program.

As a professional courtesy, the Career Center strongly encourages students to send the employer an email apology explaining the reason for their no show.

Special Circumstances

Marquette University’s Career Service Center understands that emergencies do arise and may impact a student’s ability to provide at least 24-hour notice of cancellation. If a student must cancel with less than 24 hour notice due to an emergency situation (medical or family emergency), the student should contact the Career Center as soon as possible at 414-288-7423 or recruiting@marquette.edu and explain why they were unable to provide 24 hour notice of cancellation. Proof of the emergency will be requested.

Inclement Weather

If Marquette University closes due to inclement weather, on-campus interviews will be cancelled by the Career Center and the center will notify employer organizations and students.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions about Handshake, please reference the Handshake Help Center, or call our office at (414) 288-7423 or stop in for drop-in hours occurring Monday-Friday from noon until 1:45 pm during the academic year.