Culturally Diverse Student Resources

General Resources

  • IMdiversity: one-stop career and self-development site devoted to serving the cultural and career-related needs of underrepresented minorities
  • Equality Magazines: stay informed on the latest news, resources, and places of hire.

General Job Boards & Diversity-Friendly Company Listings


Below are possible questions to ask either the hiring manager or your contact in human resources. Depending on your comfort level and interests choose a few questions to ascertain your comfort with the organization’s culture. Some questions are more appropriate for new graduates, but those at a more senior level, may feel more directed questions are appropriate.

  • Can you describe some of your company's core values?

  • How would you describe the company's culture?

  • You mentioned – or on your website you mention – ZYX has a commitment to diversity. How has the organization demonstrated that commitment?

  • What are some of the key DE&I actions your organization has taken in recent months?

  • What does your company do to ensure inclusiveness?

  • What do you do to create an inclusive team environment?

  • How do you measure inclusion?

  • If they mention that they have ERGs, ask if it would be possible to talk to the volunteer leaders from one to two of the ERGs.

  • Are there any programs or initiatives in place at your company geared toward promoting diversity?

  • Are there any specific internal DE&I groups, resources or initiatives you are particularly proud of?

  • Does your company use any training programs to help create an inclusive work environment?

  • In your opinion, what is the most challenging aspect of working in a diverse environment?

  • How do you celebrate diversity of ideas and people?

  • What tangible goals does the organization have surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion? Who is responsible for making sure these goals are met?

Graduate School Planning

  • Dear Future Colleague - mentorship, guidance, and recruitment opportunities for underrepresented graduate school and competitive scholarship applicants

Culturally-Specific Professional Associations, Networks, & Job Boards

Asian/Pacific American

  • National Association of Asian American Professionals: The NAAAP a non-profit organization that cultivates and empowers Asian and Pacific Islander leaders through professional development, community service, and networking. It offers a diverse range of professional development programs including a career center and job board.
  • National Council of Asian Pacific Americans: A directory of links to Asian Pacific American organizations, many with career sites of their own. The links also include website and contact information for networking and internship and job search purposes.
  • Columbia Engineering: A resource for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) in STEM fields, offering resources related to professional development, mental health, Asian women in STEM, anti-racist education, and workplace/employer practices.

Black/African American

  • African American Professional Associations: Compilation of links to the leading African American professional associations, many with career and job sites of their own, collected by Monster.
  • National Urban League Job Network: The Urban League Job Network is backed by the National Urban League and is dedicated to helping diverse students find employment opportunities.
  • United Negro College Fund: UNCF is the nation’s largest private scholarship provider to minority group members. It manages various scholarship, fellowship, and internship programs.


Indigenous/Native American

  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society: working to promote, initiate, and provide educational services for American Indian and Alaska Native students in science, technology, engineering, and math fields
  • Indian Country Today: A magazine that covers topics pertinent to Native Americans. The website includes internships, a scholarship guide, and job search database.
  • National Congress of American Indians: A list of job opportunities submitted by employers that are American Indian, Native Hawaiian or Alaska Native businesses, governments, or organizations. It also includes opportunities submitted by organizations seeking Native American applicants.
  • Native American Jobs: A job search database for Native American job seekers which includes Tribal and Non-Tribal companies across the nation.
  • Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education – A magazine for Native Americans in higher education which includes a job board.















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