Transferable Skills

Transferable skills help demonstrate what skill(s) and experience(s) you have that would help an employer know why he/she should hire you. These are skills you can take from one situation to another. There are many situations you have gained these skills including course work, academic projects, research, internship experience, work experience, volunteering, co-curricular activities and any other life experiences. These functional skills you have achieved are strongly valued by employers and can be applied in the work of your future career. Transferable skills can be incorporated into a Summary of Qualifications, a Skills section, or into bullet points on your resume.

Planning and Organizational Skills

  • Meet deadlines and manage time effectively
  • Work under time and environmental pressures
  • Successfully juggle multiple demands (school and work)
  • Identify and prioritize things to be accomplished
  • Assess needs
  • Develop goals for self and/or an organization
  • Work effectively with organization members
  • Follow up with other to evaluate progress of tasks
  • Stick to a different endeavor and see it through to completion (4 years of college)

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Quickly and accurately identify the key issues when making a decision or solving a problem
  • Identify general principles that explain data or human behavior
  • Examine assumptions underlying analyses or conclusions
  • Recognize interrelationships in information obtained from diverse sources
  • User facts to judge validity of theories
  • Create innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Critically evaluate theories and research and apply the results to solve problems

Human Resources and Interpersonal Skills

  • Maintain group cooperation and support
  • Keep a group on track when working towards a goal
  • Interact and work effectively with peers, superiors and subordinates
  • Interact with and appreciate people from diverse cultural, social, ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • Communicate effectively and sensitively in both individual and group situations
  • Teach a skill, concept or principle to others
  • Demonstrate effective social behavior in a variety of settings and circumstances
  • Effectively collaborate with other n complete projects or reach goals
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Ability to work on a team on diverse assignments

Oral and Written Communication Skills

  • Organize and present ideas effectively for formal and spontaneous speeches
  • Effectively participate in group discussions and brainstorm ideas
  • Debate issues while respecting the opinions of others
  • Read and condense large amounts of material
  • Write reports clearly, grammatically, concisely, objectively, convincingly and in appropriate format
  • Write and speak effectively in a foreign language
  • Delivered verbal presentations clearly and persuasively
  • Express and defend ideas in a clear, objective, non-dogmatic manner
  • Effectively utilize campus resources for public relations
  • Use various media to present ideas effectively and/or imaginatively
  • Possess courteous telephone skills

Research and Investigation Skills

  • Use a variety of sources of information to research problems or answers to questions
  • Conduct literature searches on ________________________
  • Develop a new research question(s)
  • Apply a variety of research methods to test the validity of data
  • Design and experiment, plan or model that systematically defines a problem
  • Construct, administer and interpret questionnaires or surveys
  • Ethically recruit and treat research subjects
  • Select appropriate statistical tests for the analysis of research
  • Analyze and interpret statistical data.
  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative data
  • Use computers or laboratory equipment to assist with research
  • Select, administer, score, and interpret various psychological tests or assessments
  • Deal effectively with financial, temporal, and personnel constraints on research

Computer Skills

  • Use computer software to prepare reports, graphs, brochures, etc. and to conduct research
  • Internet research and e-mail skills
  • Computer programming skills
  • Webpage and website design skills

Personal Skills

  • Define and explain ethical behavior and practice it in difficult situations
  • Take initiative in job related duties
  • Tolerance for stress and ambiguity
  • Demonstrate flexibility and ability to handle change
  • Recognize the value of lifelong learning and seeks professional development opportunities
  • Identify personal values and apply them when making decisions
  • Ability & motivation to develop knowledge and skills in expanding job responsibilities

Creative Skills

  • Create images for marketing campaign
  • Produce artwork for gallery display
  • Use intuition to develop a new idea
  • Invent an original product useful to the public
  • Mentally synthesize information gathered from research literature
  • Design visual media to easily convey message

Leadership/Management Skills

  • Align team members around organizational values
  • Persuade others based on personal or logical information
  • Motivate team members during busy or stressful times of work
  • Work to understand the needs and wishes of others to benefit the organizational goals