Elevator Pitch for Doctoral Students

An elevator pitch is a great strategy to use for introductions during professional interactions.  The goal of an elevator pitch is to introduce yourself, highlight relevant skills and experiences, and lay the foundation to begin a conversation. We recommend including the following information when constructing your own:

  • Where are you now (degree, program, year in the program)
  • Where have you been (career-related experience, leadership experience, etc.)
  • Where are you going (future goals)

Tip: When delivering your elevator pitch, end with a question to start a conversation.

Elevator Pitch Example:

"Hello, my name is Alex. I am currently a third year Doctoral student at Marquette University, and will be defending my dissertation in May 20XX to obtain my Doctorate in English. As a doctoral student I have had the chance to gain leadership and teaching experience through my graduate teaching assistantship. I was privileged to instruct four sections of undergraduate English per semester, including one honors course. I am seeking full-time English professor positions post graduation. Can you share with me some best practices for conducting the job search process?"