Computer Science Major

Computer science is dynamic. It grows constantly. It evolves continuously. It regularly experiences revolutionary transformation. The Department seeks, therefore, to produce computer scientists who can adapt and grow along with their chosen profession.

The department seeks to provide each of its majors with a broad understanding of computer science. This broad understanding serves as a coherent framework in which the student can place his or her developing knowledge and technical skill. Moreover, the department seeks to provide each student with a solid foundation in the central ideas and methods of modern computer science. It seeks to produce computer scientists who know, understand and can apply these central ideas and methods to real problems.

The Computer Science major (COSC) provides students with an understanding of the foundational principles and techniques used to solve real problems with software. Students practice the skills required to build computer systems that address problems in scientific, engineering and business domains. Most importantly, the major prepares students for long-term success in a rapidly changing field that provides the computer technology underpinning our modern world

Learn about the current program requirements and courses in the Bulletin here.

The Computer Science program is supported by an advisory board of practitioners and alumni.

The Computer Science major is accredited by the CAC Accreditation Commission of ABET. The program's Educational Objectives are here, and enrollment & degree data (2018-2022) is available here.

Director: Dr. Keke Chen