About Us

Computer Science at Marquette

The Department of Computer Science at Marquette University is a dynamic research department with a deep dedication to graduate and undergraduate education. We have a strong research and teaching environment for preparing innovative leaders to meet the computational challenges and demands of the 21st century. 

At the undergraduate level, the Computer Science major (COSC) provides students with an understanding of the foundational principles and techniques used to solve real problems with software. We are also part of the Data Science major (INDS) where students learn how to extract and quantify knowledge from data sets through specialized courses in preparation to pursue a master's degree and solve real world problems.

At the graduate level, the Data Science Certificate (DTSC) program and its curriculum is designed to connect data analytics and data science skills and knowledge with the needs evident in a host of fields. The MS in Computer and Information Science program (COMP) is a professional master's degree that spans the study of computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information technology and information systems. It is designed to enhance the computing skill set of current practitioners as well as students interested in moving into the computing field. The MS in Bioinformatics (BIIN) is a joint program between Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin, and is geared toward creating computing applications for the biological science.

Finally, the PhD in Computer Science (COSC) prepares students for careers in research, industry, research laboratories, and institutions of higher education. The program allows students to tailor coursework based on their interests and strengths. The program places particular emphasis on students contributing to applied research in computer science.


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