Colloquium talks will be held in the Katharine Reed Cudahy Building on the Marquette University campus. Please address inquiries/suggestions to Dr. Nasim Yahyasoltani.

Spring 2023 - Unless specified, the talks will begin at 1:00pm CT via Microsoft Teams. Contact Dr. Nasim Yahyasoltani to receive an invite to the virtual meeting.

January 30th: Jessica Vitak - In person at AMU

Febuary 13th: Min Xian

Febuary 27th: Yusuf Aytar

March 20th: Daniel Brown

March 27th: Konstantinos Kolias



Fall 2022

September 19th: Baig Furqan - High Performance Distributed Spatial & Spatio-Temporal Processing

September 28th: Jia Yu - Apache Sedona: A Cluster Computing System for Processing Big Geospatial Data

October 10th: Himanshu Thapliyal

November 14th: Amy Pavel


Spring 2022

January 31: Jie Gao - "MAC Protocol Design for IoT Applications "

February 14: Sazzadur Rahaman -Compliance Gap Triangle: Navigating through the impediments to improve industry-wide baseline security

February 14: Sazzadur Rahaman -Compliance Gap Triangle: Navigating through the impediments to improve industry-wide baseline security

February 21: Xiaonan Zhang

March 7: Mike Gowanlock -Parallel Similarity Searches on Hybrid CPU/GPU Architectures

April 25: Dr. Forrest Sheng Bao 


Fall 2021

September 20: Mubashwir Alam  "Regulating Dataflows for Protecting Access Patterns of Data-Intensive SGX Applications "

September 27 : Jia Chen   "Representation learning of multiview data"

October 15: Dr. Josiah Dykstra - TBA

October 25: Dr. David Mohaisen- Partitioning Blockchains Efficiently: Attacks and Defenses

November 8: Dr. Zeyun Yu- TBA

November 22: Dr. Yanshan Wang - Natural Language Processing for Clinical Excellence: The State of Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Spring 2021

Febuary 15: Dr. Nazanin Andalibi  "Towards Accounting for the Human in Emotion Recognition/AI Technologies "

March 1: Dr. Erik Kroh   "Protecting Art Galleries"

March 29: Dr. Mohammad Islam "Securing Warehouse-Scale Computers"

April 5: Dr. Vincent Bindschaedler - TBA

April 12: John Bukowy -TBA

April 19: Michael Slattery - TBA

Fall 2020

September 14: Dr. Jacob Thebault-Spieker (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Title: Understanding and Mitigating Biases in Social Computing Systems

September 21: Dr. Alexandra Papoutsaki (Pomona College)
Title: Eye tracking tools for research on individuals and teams

October 5: Priyanka Annapureddy (Marquette University)
Title: Predicting PTSD Severity in Veterans from Self- reports for Early Intervention A Machine Learning Approach
Title: Predicting Opioid Overdose Readmission and Opioid Use Disorder with Machine Learning

October 19: Dr. Rohit Kate (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Title: Automatic Full Conversion of Clinical Terms into SNOMED CT Concepts

October 26: Dr. Garvesh Raskutti (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Title: High-dimensional tensor modeling through importance sketching

November 9: Dr. Christine Cheng (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Title: Stable Matchings with Restricted Preferences

November 23: Dr. Dong Hye Ye (Marquette University)
Title: Machine Learning for Image Processing

Spring 2020

January 14: Dr. Maia Jacobs (Center for Research on Computation and Society, Harvard) "One Size Doesn’t Fit Anyone: Tailoring Digital Tools for Personal Health Journeys"

January 15: Saeed Tizpaz Niari (CS Department, CU Boulder) "Differential Debugging for Side Channel Vulnerabilities"

January 16: Dr. Kevin Moran (Computer Science, William & Mary) "Toward Practical Automation for Software Engineering"

January 21: Hao Wang (PhD candidate, University of Toronto) "Optimizing Distributed Machine Learning with Reinforcement Learning"

January 24: Xiaowei Jia (PhD candidate, University of Minnesota). "Physics Guided Machine Learning: A New Paradigm for Scientific Knowledge Discovery"

January 28: Sabirat Rubya (PhD candidate, Computer Science & Engineering Department at University of Minnesota) "Facilitating access to peer support through technology for recovery from substance use disorders"

April 27: Dr. Serdar Bozdag (Marquette University) "Integrating high-dimensional biological datasets to uncover disease-associated genes and gene networks"


April 28: Dr. Praveen Madiraju (Marquette University) "Predicting Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Risk in Veterans"

April 29: Dr. Keke Chen (Wright State University) "Mining Social Signals to Enhance Privacy Protection and Wisdom of Crowds"

April 30: Dr. Bill Chen (AIWAYS AUTO) "Deep Learning for Big Data"

Fall 2019

September 9 - Mike Slattery, Department of Computer Science, Marquette University, "Quantum Computing for Beginners, or, How I Spent My Summer Part I"

September 16 - Mike Slattery, Department of Computer Science, Marquette University. "Quantum Computing for Beginners, or, How I Spent My Summer Part II"

October 7 - Arjun Krishnan, Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Michigan State University, "Hurdles in the marathon of data-driven biology"

October 11 - Blair Taylor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University

October 14 - Stevie Chancellor, Department of Computer Science, Northwestern University. "Human-Centered Machine Learning for High-Risk Health Behaviors"

October 21 - Marina Kogan, School of Computing, University of Utah, "Human-Centered Data Science for Crisis Informatics"                  

October 30 - Sameer Patil, School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering, Indiana University, Bloomington, “Mental Models and User Experiences of the Tor Browser”

November 4 - Bilge Mutlu, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin Madison, “Designing Robots for Human Interaction”

November 18 - Elena Zheleva, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Chicago, “Causal inference and counterfactual learning from relational data”

November 25 - Mustafa Bilgic, Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, “Active and Interpretable Classification.”


Spring 2019

Colloquium dates and speakers for Spring 2019 - Unless specified, the talks will begin at 2:00pm CT in Room 401 at Cudahy Hall.

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

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