Approved Courses

Students enrolled before Fall 2018 are required to complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of core courses. College curricula may require additional courses. Please check with your faculty adviser.

Course list and credit requirements

Dual-application courses

Each student may count one dual-application course toward his or her 36-credit-hour core requirement. A dual-application core course satisfies core course requirements in two knowledge areas. For example, History 1301, Latin America, would satisfy three credit hours in the Histories of Cultures and Societies knowledge area and the Diverse Cultures knowledge area. A student who takes the dual-application core course satisfies the 36 credit hours of core requirements by taking 33 credits of core courses. A dual-application course may not simultaneously fulfill the core knowledge area of Theology and Human Nature and Ethics. Dual application courses are noted in the current bulletin.

Please note: Courses are periodically added and removed from the list of approved courses. Once a UCCS course has been discontinued, it is no longer a valid course option for UCCS unless taken before the discontinuation.


ARSC Core Transfer Courses

The following ARSC courses have been determined to transfer as follows:

(Note: LD=Lower Division; UD=Upper Division)

ARSC 9271 UCCS Transfer: Rhetoric LD

ARSC 9272 UCCS Transfer: Mathematical Reasoning LD

ARSC 9273 UCCS Transfer: Individual & Social Behavior LD

ARSC 9274 UCCS Transfer: Diverse Cultures LD

ARSC 9275 UCCS Transfer: Literature/Performing Arts LD

ARSC 9276 UCCS Transfer: Histories of Cultures & Societies LD

ARSC 9277 UCCS Transfer: Science & Nature LD

ARSC 9278 UCCS Transfer: Human Nature LD

ARSC 9279 UCCS Transfer: THEO 1001

ARSC 9280 UCCS Transfer: Theology Second Level LD

ARSC 9281 UCCS Transfer: Ethics LD

ARSC 9371 UCCS Transfer: Rhetoric UD

ARSC 9372 UCCS Transfer: Mathematical Reasoning UD

ARSC 9373 UCCS Transfer: Individual & Social Behavior UD

ARSC 9374 UCCS Transfer: Diverse Cultures UD

ARSC 9375 UCCS Transfer: Literature/Performing Arts UD

ARSC 9376 UCCS Transfer: Histories of Cultures & Societies UD

ARSC 9377 UCCS Transfer: Science & Nature UD

ARSC 9378 UCCS Transfer: Human Nature UD

ARSC 9379 UCCS Transfer: Theology Second Level UD

ARSC 9381 UCCS Transfer: Ethics UD

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Students in class

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