Marquette University provides faculty and staff with a variety of resources for addressing bias incidents and other forms of discrimination or misconduct. Services range from anonymous reporting and confidential consultation to informal mediation and formal grievances. 

Office of Human Resources 

The university provides all employees various avenues for addressing and resolving disagreements with their supervisor, manager or any other member of the university community. These avenues include both formal and informal grievance procedures.

The Department of Human Resources is available to assist employees in determining if an issue qualifies for the grievance procedure. The Affirmative Action Officer is available to assist employees in determining whether the grieved action involves behavior prohibited under the university’s nondiscrimination, sexual harassment, racial abuse and/or general harassment policy, and if so, to direct and assist the employee in the university’s grievance procedures.  

Marquette University’s Affirmative Action Officer is Liz Sides, Director of Employment and Employee Relations. She can be reached at:  

EthicsPoint Reporting Hotline

Marquette values its obligation to students, faculty, staff and the public to maintain the highest ethical standards. To help maintain those standards, the university offers an anonymous, confidential hotline for reporting activities that may represent misconduct. 

Marquette contracts with EthicsPoint to provide a secure server and toll-free hotline, which are not operated by Marquette. This resource may be especially important for members of our community who feel uncomfortable discussing suspected misconduct with their colleagues or supervisors.