Second Year Honors Community

Are you a sophomore honors student who is engaged in the community and committed to connecting with and mentoring first-year students?

Below you will find additional information about eligibility requirements for the community, as well as the housing application and selection timeline.


Only Honors students are eligible to live in the Honors LLC. If you intend to live with a roommate who is not in the honors program, you will need to go through the general housing selection process. Similarly, if you drop the honors program at any point in time, you will be required to move to a different community.

Housing Application and Selection Timeline

  • February 27th - Priority Application Deadline
  • March 10th - Application Deadline
  • March 20th - Notification of Acceptance
  • March 20-24th - Online Housing Deposit Due
  • March 27th - Housing Selection (4 p.m. - 9 p.m. based on assignment time)

Mission of the Honors LLC

The Honors LLC seeks to build a community of rising scholars and community leaders that fosters intellectual dialogue, academic inquiry, reflection, and transformative learning in the Ignatian tradition.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Engage in intellectual dialogue with students studying academic disciplines different from one’s own.
  2. Connect with members of Marquette’s scholarly community
  3. Develop a habit of reflection on knowledge and experience that informs a desire to use one’s gifts and talents to meet the needs of our world
  4. Demonstrate a deepened understanding of what it means to live in community
  5. Develop mutually beneficial and compassionate relationships with individuals who have identities different from one's own

Complete the Honors LLC Application