Thermofluid Science and Energy Applications laboratory (TSEAL)

Mission Statement

Building, maintaining and developing desired partnerships between the Marquette University – Opus College of Engineering and local industries in thermofluid science and energy areas through practical application and integration of thermofluid science fundamental knowledge, establishing/resulting in a real-world industry-based repository R&D service program.

Core Competencies

  • Theoretical, numerical (including CFD) and experimental (including design of experiments) analysis and modeling of thermofluid phenomena occurring in energy conversion equipment, components and systems
  • Optimization (performance and profit) analysis of energy conversion equipment, components and systems
  • Advanced analysis utilizing the fundamentals of thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer
  • Development and refinement of currently existing/available and emerging technologies through multidisciplinary research


  • Technical consultation (analyzing/evaluating/resolving) for issues related to thermal fluid and energy areas of the product
  • Technical innovation team – developing state-of-the-art product development technologies and their applications
  • Purpose-specific engineering calculation program and software to meet the needs of engineering, sales and marketing.
  • Technology transfer through technical report, seminar, workshop, training and short course
  • PLUS: Product patent review and research; Engineering design process with innovative product development and entrepreneurial aspect of the product