College Directory

Dr. Kristina M.  Ropella Dr. Kristina M. Ropella Opus Dean (414) 288-5460
Michael  Ahmad Michael Ahmad Director of Clinical Engineering 414-288-3099
Jenny  Benjamin Jenny Benjamin Associate Director of the FIELD Center (414)-288-1647
 Brad  Bonczkiewicz Brad Bonczkiewicz Director of Technology (414) 288-5793
Dr. John  Borg Dr. John Borg Chair and Professor of Mechanical Engineering (414) 288-7519
Jim  Brugger Jim Brugger Computer and Electronics Support Specialist (414) 288-6021
Steve  Celichowski Steve Celichowski Director of Academic Business Affairs, Engineering 414-288-2139
Jason Chandler Lab Machinist
Lisa  Chase Lisa Chase Assistant Director of Engineering Education Programs (414) 288-3514
 Kennedy  Coplen Kennedy Coplen Associate Director of Industry Relations (414) 288-7192
Matt  Curran Matt Curran Senior Communications Specialist 414-288-2079
Michael  Dollhopf Michael Dollhopf Manager of Environmental Laboratories (414) 288-3523
Dr. Mark O. Federle Dr. Mark O. Federle Professor Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (414) 288-4531
 Andrea  Gorman Minkley Andrea Gorman Minkley Associate Director of Engineering and Innovation Leadership Development (414) 288-6188
 Daniel  Griffith Daniel Griffith Computer Systems Engineer (414) 288-1555
Dr. Majeed  Hayat Dr. Majeed Hayat Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering 414-288-6820
Karen  Jamiola Karen Jamiola Engineering Grant Development Manager (414) 288-1920
 Brigid  Lagerman Brigid Lagerman Director of Academic Advising (414) 288-6000
Christopher Larkee Visual Technology Specialist (414) 288-6026
 Laura  Lindemann Laura Lindemann Academic Advisor (414) 288-5698
David  Newman David Newman Director of Operations (414) 288-5909
Dr. Frank  Pintar Dr. Frank Pintar Founding Chair of Biomedical Engineering (414) 384-2000 x41534
Kim Poehlman Executive Assistant to Dean 414-288-3540
 Yvonne M. Printz Yvonne M. Printz Academic Advisor (414) 288-5335
Shahd  Sawalhi Shahd Sawalhi Associate Director Enrollment Management (414) 288-5769
Dr. Brian  Schmit Dr. Brian Schmit Associate Dean for Research 414-288-6125
Tom  Silman Tom Silman Operations Engineer-DLL, Machine Shop (414) 288-5423
 Sam  Sowl Sam Sowl Assistant Director of Academic Advising (414) 288-8168
Kate  Trevey Kate Trevey Nana Fotsch Director, Fotsch Innovation and Engineering Leadership Development (FIELD) Center (414) 288-0588
Ricardo Vega Engineering Scholars Program Coordinator (414) 288-3970
Dr. Dan H. Zitomer, P.E. Dr. Dan H. Zitomer, P.E. Professor and Chair of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (414) 288-5733
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