Engineering Scholars Program

The Opus College of Engineering is pleased to offer several full-tuition scholarships to incoming freshmen from underrepresented populations in engineering. Together, scholarship recipients participate in the Engineering Scholars Program, which was established in 2012 to provide support and programming for engineering scholars as they pursue their undergraduate engineering degrees.

Throughout their time in the program, students will participate in activities to ease the transition through college, shape their leadership skills, give back to the community, and build their support network both on-campus and with industry leaders. Learn more about the program and current engineering scholars below. 

About the Engineering Scholars Program

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What scholarships are available as part of the Engineering Scholars Program? 

The Engineering Scholars Program includes students who have received a full-tuition four year scholarship to attend the Opus College of Engineering.

Scholarships also include living expenses, including housing and food for up to 2-4 years (dependent on the scholarship awarded). We believe that an on-campus living experience is a key component to helping engineering scholars adjust to college life and feel like a part of the Marquette community. 

The number and type of scholarships available vary each academic year. Please visit undergraduate admissions scholarships for more information on the scholarships available for the incoming freshman class. 

The Opus College of Engineering is grateful to the following scholarship programs for their generosity and contributions to the Engineering Scholars Program:

  • Opus Scholars Endowed Scholarship 
  • Donald J. and Frances I. Herdrich Endowed Scholarship for Engineering 
  • Michael J. Cudahy Scholars

What type of academic support and social programming is available to engineering scholars? 

All engineering scholars receive regular one-on-one advising to help them navigate the new experiences that come along with attending college. Scholars meet with an advisor once a week during their freshman year; biweekly during their sophomore year; and three times a semester during their junior and senior years. 

Throughout the year, engineering scholars also enjoy a variety of social events as part of the Engineering Scholars Program community. Sample events include:  

  • Fall and spring welcome events 
  • Reception with the Dean
  • Community-building retreat 
  • Holiday party 
  • Industry visits 
  • Sporting events 
  • Spring picnic 
  • End-of-year banquet 

For questions about academic and social programming, please contact Ricardo Vega, Engineering Scholars Program coordinator, at

What other resources are available to engineering scholars? 

Engineering scholars are also encouraged to take advantage of other academic programs and support in the Opus College, such as: 

What criteria must scholarship recipients meet?


Preferred criteria for engineering scholarship applicants include: 

  • Student admitted to or enrolled in the Opus College of Engineering (all)
  • Demonstrated financial need (all)

Some scholarships also have the following preferred criteria: 

  • First-generation college student (Herdrich & Opus)
  • Participation in an organization that serves low-income youth, such as the Cristo Rey Network, Boys & Girls Club, or one of many similar organizations (Opus)

For more information on the applicant criteria for engineering scholarships, please visit undergraduate admissions scholarships.

How do I apply for engineering scholarships?  

Students must apply for admission and establish an application account before applying for engineering scholarships. Additional information can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions website

Meet the Engineering Scholars

The Engineering Scholars Program has served 40 students, including 12 graduates, and continues to grow and admit new students annually. Get to know a few of our current scholars in their profiles below!  

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Hometown: Houston 

Scholarship: Opus Scholar

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics) 

Activities: Undergraduate research, Engineers in the Lead, student ambassador, pep band

Why Engineering: "I have always been intrigued at how people used science to solve problems and make the impossible possible. Engineering appeals to me because it allows me to continuously learn about the world around me and give back to communities both locally and globally." 

What the Engineering Scholars Program means to you: "The Opus Scholarship has allowed my family and I to have some peace of mind in terms of affording my education and has allowed me to explore a new region of the country and meet some of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Our group continues to increase in size with so many unique and inspiring people that motivate me to continue to work hard and demand more of myself."


Hometown: Chicago 

Scholarship: Herdrich Scholar

Major: Civil Engineering

Activities: Discovery Learning Center student worker, Engineering Materials and Structural Testing Laboratory student worker, Community Programming Council, intramural volleyball, Alpha Omega Epsilon Sorority, shadow host

Why Engineering: "I love how engineering isn’t just math and science. It incorporates critical thinking and problem solving. It also amazes me how there are so many sub-disciplines in this field and they all intertwine; no discipline can stand alone. My dad works in construction so while I was growing up, I had a lot of exposure to his line of work. Construction management and transportation engineering fascinate me, and I enjoy the steps and processes that lead to the final product."

What the Engineering Scholars Program means to you: "As a Herdrich Scholar, I have been able to meet with much of the engineering faculty as well as other engineering scholars. I have been offered a phenomenal support system, where everyone strives to succeed and help one another succeed. I’ve attended a retreat with the other engineering scholars, and I realized that I am not alone in this college journey." 


Hometown: Milwaukee 

Scholarship: Opus Scholar

Major: Computer Engineering

Activities: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Nuestro Hogar Living Learning Community

Why Engineering: "Since the start of my education, my favorite subjects were always math and science. I was intrigued to learn about how things worked and what purpose they served. But as time went on, I learned that engineering is not only about math and science. Engineering is also about teamwork, creativity, and ethics. Engineers have the duty to give back to their communities to make them a better place to live for future generations. Giving back and solving challenging problems with others is why I chose engineering."

What the Engineering Scholars Program means to you: "The Opus Scholarship is making a huge difference in my life because it supports my education at an amazing university. The Engineering Scholars Program offers me a very different experience of what I thought college would be like. I feel very valued, welcomed, and supported in this community of scholars and faculty I have had the pleasure to meet and will always be thankful for that."


Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Scholarship: Opus Scholar

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Activities: Student ambassador, Society of Automotive Engineers Baja Team

Why Engineering: "As a child, I was always interested in building things and taking them apart. I was drawn to engineering because it allowed me to do just that but in a more technical and focused way. I aspire to work in an environment where I can learn concepts relating to my field and apply them in real-world situations to help and better the world in any way I can."

What the Engineering Scholars Program means to you: "The Opus Scholarship will have a positive impact on my life because it will help to fulfill my educational and professional goals. It feels great to be a member of this scholars program. I value the community we have, knowing that we come from similar backgrounds and are striving towards similar goals."