The strength of our industry partnerships and the vast opportunity for our students to gain work experience at your company is a key development factor in the education of a Marquette engineering student. Give us a call to discuss your recruiting needs. We would like to help you access engineering talent and hire one of our students.

On-Campus Opportunities:

  • Employers are encouraged to post open positions, attend career fair, and schedule on-campus interviews.
  • Career fairs are held in fall and spring; be sure to register for the “technical day” to recruit engineers. Visit Handshake for upcoming career fair dates. 
  • Information sessions can be held in our college and invitations will be sent to the targeted talent groups.
  • Lobby tables are available if you prefer to have a presence in a high-traffic area in the college to speak with job-seeking students.
  • Student group presentations are welcome by many of our student leaders and the Office of Industry Relations can connect you with student organizations.

Employer-Hosted Opportunities:

  • Company tours
  • Informational events and interviews
  • Shadow-visits pairing students with engineers to learn more about their field and your company
  • Technical presentations

Give us a call to discuss a recruiting plan that is best for you!