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As a teacher and scholar of rhetoric and composition, I am interested in past and present intersections of pedagogy, performance, and media. My ENG-W courses are research-intensive, and they ask students to be savvy multimedia writers and readers.

When I am not in the classroom, I am likely to be studying the classroom along a historical trajectory that spans from early Jesuit education through contemporary examples at Stanford University, Kenyon College, and Marquette. Of my current projects, the Research Exchange Index (REx) is not only national but also international in scope. Currently, I am the President of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, and I am actively involved in both the Conference on College Composition and Communication and (closer to home) the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English.

Were I to tag my academic work or make an abecedary to represent what is important to me, I would be sure to include these terms: access—books—civic rhetorics—digital scholarship—embodied literacies—first-year English—graduate education—histories—inquiry—Jane Rhetor—knowledge transfer—longitudinal writing research—mentoring—new media—old media—popular education—qualitative and quantitative research methods—rhetoric as a teaching tradition—student-centric pedagogies—theater as a site of rhetorical education—undergraduate research—video composing—writing program administration—x-ray metaphors for historiography—young scholars—zone of proximal development.

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