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Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Leah  Flack Dr. Leah Flack Chair and Associate Professor, English (414) 288-3316
Dr. Elizabeth  Angeli Dr. Elizabeth Angeli Associate Professor, English (414) 288-3466
Dr. Ronald  Bieganowski, S.J. Dr. Ronald Bieganowski, S.J. Associate Professor, English (414) 288-1956
 Sebastian  Bitticks Sebastian Bitticks Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-3477
Dr. Amy  Blair Dr. Amy Blair Associate Professor, English (414) 288-7284
Dr. John  Boly Dr. John Boly Associate Professor, English (414) 288-6848
Dr. Cedric  Burrows Dr. Cedric Burrows Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-6859
Dr. Lilly  Campbell Dr. Lilly Campbell Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-5266
Dr. Gerry  Canavan Dr. Gerry Canavan Associate Professor, English (414) 288-6860
Dr. John  Curran Dr. John Curran Professor, English (414) 288-3462
Dr. Jason  Farr Dr. Jason Farr Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-5630
Dr. Tyler  Farrell Dr. Tyler Farrell Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-6861
Dr. Jenn  Fishman Dr. Jenn Fishman Associate Professor, English (414) 288-3467
Dr. Paul  Gagliardi Dr. Paul Gagliardi Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1974
Dr. Melissa J. Ganz Dr. Melissa J. Ganz Associate Professor and Director of Strategy, English (414) 288-3480
Dr. Tosin  Gbogi Dr. Tosin Gbogi Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1546
Dr. Grant  Gosizk Dr. Grant Gosizk Visiting Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Jenna  Green Azab Dr. Jenna Green Azab Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-3468
Dr. Steve  Hartman Keiser Dr. Steve Hartman Keiser Director of Undergraduate Studies and Associate Professor, English (414) 288-3465
Dr. Heather  Hathaway Dr. Heather Hathaway Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs, Klingler College of Arts & Sciences, (414) 288-3478
Dr. Sherri  Hoffman Dr. Sherri Hoffman Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1974
 C.J.  Hribal C.J. Hribal Professor, English (414) 288-3471
Dr. Eliza  Karbin Dr. Eliza Karbin Visiting Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Samantha  Majhor Dr. Samantha Majhor Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1549
Dr. Jodi  Melamed Dr. Jodi Melamed Associate Professor, English (414) 288-7612
Dr. Rebecca S. Nowacek Dr. Rebecca S. Nowacek Professor, English (414) 288-3590
Dr. Brittany  Pladek Dr. Brittany Pladek Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1651
Dr. Albert J. Rivero Dr. Albert J. Rivero Professor, English (414) 288-3472
Dr. Jacob  Riyeff Dr. Jacob Riyeff Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-0211
Dr. Thomas  Simons Dr. Thomas Simons Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-1976
Dr. Angela  Sorby Dr. Angela Sorby Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, English (414) 288-7263
 Sarah  Stanley Sarah Stanley Visiting Assistant Professor, English
Dr. Elizaveta  Strakhov Dr. Elizaveta Strakhov Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-6865
Dr. Amber  Strother Dr. Amber Strother Visiting Assistant Professor, English (414) 288-5221
Dr. John  Su Dr. John Su Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, (414) 288-3476
Dr. Sarah  Wadsworth Dr. Sarah Wadsworth Professor, English (414) 288-3479
Ms. Wendy  Walsh Ms. Wendy Walsh Administrative Assistant, English (414) 288-7520
Dr. Amelia  Zurcher Dr. Amelia Zurcher Associate Professor, English (414) 288-3475

Faculty & Staff Directory


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