Talk with Your Student

Here are some topics for families and parents to discuss with your student to help guide them through the college journey. 

July 2020

Be informed

Please encourage your student to continue checking their Marquette email address throughout the summer. The University will be sharing dates and important information about how campus will look in the fall.  The campus community is working hard to ensure the safety of the everyone and updates can be found on Marquette's COVID-19 website and in the news publication Marquette Today

Academic Success

This fall semester will be different than the past, students are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Educational ServicesThey are still offering many programs and tools to help students be successful in the virtual and classroom settings. Students should reach out early for assistance and review the resources available to them.

Preparing for Independence 

Away from home, students are learning to make independent and responsible decisions as an adult. Take some time to review this booklet from the Division of Student Affairs, to help guide conversations.  Enjoy time with your student and take pride in the growth they have achieved and discuss your expectations as a college student.

Tuition and bills 

Students receive notices about tuition to their Marquette email accounts. If parents want to receive these notices, they must have their student register a parent’s email for guest access through their CheckMarq account. This also provides access to bursar accounts, e-bills and 1098Ts. We encourage students and families who have questions about their bill or financial aid or who are experiencing changed financial circumstances to reach out to Marquette Central via email at or via phone at 414-288-4000. 

August 2020 

Preparing for Fall 

As students prepare for the fall semester Marquette has asked them to review lots of information. It will be helpful if you can spend time talking with them about their thoughts and opinions on our Community Pledge and the importance of this document for the entire Marquette community. 

Additionally, it is good for them to be aware of the resources that the Counseling Center has available to help them through the fall semester. They have provided a list of COVID-19 Resources and Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Resource Guide which will be helpful prior to the start of classes and during the academic year ahead. 

September 2020

Resources for students and families 

This fall is full of transitions and changes for students at every level. There is much learning happening from past semesters. New Student and Family Programs put together a variety of workshops and informational videos for new students and their families. These can be helpful for any member of the Marquette community, so please take some time visit the NSFP YouTube page to view these resources, as you help your student navigate the fall. 

There are also a variety of offices and people for students to reach out to for assistance. 

Marquette Counseling Center 

The Marquette University Counseling Center remains committed to supporting students’ emotional well-being and resilience. In accordance with university policies and procedures and public health guidance to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the Counseling Center is implementing some changes, but still available for students. 

Marquette Care Team 

The CARE (Campus Assessment Response and Education) Team is a cross-functional team that assesses, refers and/or responds to students identified as demonstrating emotional distress in a coordinated and comprehensive manner with dignity and respect, to help them succeed and to ensure the safety of the university community as a whole. This brochure has more information as well. LINK TO PDF 

Campus Victim Advocates Now Confidential Resource 

As of August 14, 2020, Marquette’s Campus Victim Advocates are a confidential resource which means that they will not report what you share with them to the Title IX Coordinator. University sexual violence victim advocates are available to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance for victims of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking or sexual harassment. More information about services can be found on the Advocacy Services website. 

Advocates are available to provide support remotely and can be reached anytime (available 24-7) at (414) 288-5244 or (emails responded to during business hours). Campus advocates are available to accompany students to the hospital if requested. 

Marquette Central 

Students receive notices about tuition to their Marquette email accounts. If students have questions, they should contact Marquette Central. If parents want to receive these notices, they must have their student register a parent’s email for guest access through their CheckMarq account. This also provides access to bursar accounts, e-bills and 1098Ts.