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Here are some topics for families and parents to discuss with your student to help guide them through the college journey.

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Summer Conversations

Alcohol/Drug Use/Sexual Violence/Consent/Safety: 

College is an amazing experience, with lots of opportunities for success, growth, and fun! However, there are also points of challenge and more serious instances that are important to talk to your student about before they arrive on campus. For more serious conversations with your student, please visit the Student Affairs Conversation Guide. This guide was created by Marquette staff to help inform discussions with your student on heavier topics that will prepare them for all college experiences. 

Questions to Consider: How will your student’s attitude around drugs and alcohol be? Does your student know what resources are available on campus for advocacy and wellness? What safety measures will you discuss with your student, especially if they are new to city life and Milwaukee? 

Physical Illness and Injury/Mental Health: 

Learn more about the valuable information and guidance you can provide to your student as they learn to handle their own health care and needs. Be sure to check out the For Parents Page on the Marquette Medical Clinic website for conversations to have with your student. Also, the Counseling Center is an important resource for your students to know about on campus, especially when you 

Questions to Consider: Does your student plan to use the Marquette Clinic or a family care provider for their medical needs? Where will your student go to seek help for their mental health? Are there things you can do to support their mental health? 

Budgeting/Spending Money: 

Budgeting and spending are important to discuss with your student to set clear expectations. For more information, Marquette Central has all the resources you need to ensure you know key next steps and important deadlines for a successful college journey. You also have the option to book an appointment with any of the offices within Marquette Central for more clarification and personalized guidance 

If your student is looking for employment opportunities, direct them to the Student Employment Services for more resources. 

Questions to Consider: Does your student know how to budget and plan on doing so? Will you give your student money for specific activities or needs? If so, how much? Is it expected for your student to get a job while at Marquette? If so, have they thought about what kind of job and the hours they will be working while balancing school? 


One important talk to have with your student is about communication. Think about and discuss your expectations for them and learn about their expectations for you regarding contact and communication when they begin their college experience.  

Questions to Consider: What expectations do you have for communicating with your student? How often will you communicate with your student (daily, weekly, monthly)? After dropping off your student, when do they plan to see you again during semester?


Campus Ministry serves all students on their journeys of faith, not just Catholic students! Check their website for upcoming events, programs and spiritual offerings. 

Questions to Consider: Talk to your student about their faith and how/if they will represent it while at Marquette. Will your student participate in religious services? Will your student have a routine basis revolved around their faith? 

Courses and Academic Guidance:

In preparation for SPARK@Home, talk to your student about completing the SPARK@Home New Student Checklist, which they need to do in order to register for fall courses. They will meet with their colleges and be introduced to the Marquette Core Curriculum, the center of every Marquette student’s educational experience. Encourage your student to talk to professors, reach out to Academic Support Services, and utilize the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center along with other opportunities that will help them succeed academically.   

COVID Resources: 

Please Visit Marquette's Coronavirus webpage for the most up-to-date resources and information from the university. For Milwaukee COVID-19 information, visit the Milwaukee Coronavirus Website.

Conversaciones para el verano 2021

Alcohol/Drogas/Violencia Sexual/Consentimiento/Seguridad:

Ir a la universidad es una experiencia increíble, con muchas oportunidades de éxito, crecimiento y diversión. Sin embargo, también hay puntos de desafío y casos más serios de los que es importante hablar con su estudiante antes de que llegue al campus. Para conversaciones más serias con su estudiante, por favor visite la Guía de Conversación de Asuntos Estudiantiles (en inglés). Esta guía fue creada por el personal de Marquette para ayudar a informar las conversaciones con su estudiante sobre temas más pesados que los prepararán para todas las experiencias universitarias.

Preguntas para considerar: ¿Cómo será la actitud de su estudiante sobre las drogas y el alcohol? ¿Sabe su estudiante qué recursos están disponibles en el campus para el apoyo y el bienestar? ¿Qué medidas de seguridad recomendará a su estudiante, especialmente si no ha vivido en una ciudad grande antes o no conoce Milwaukee?

Enfermedades y lesiones físicas/salud mental:

Aprenda más sobre la valiosa información y orientación que Ud. puede proporcionar a su estudiante mientras aprende a manejar su propio cuidado y necesidades de salud. Asegúrese de consultar la página "Para los padres" (en inglés) en el sitio web de la Clínica Médica de Marquette (enlace en inglés) para tener conversaciones con su estudiante. Además, el Centro de Consejería (enlace en inglés) es un recurso importante que los estudiantes deben conocer en el campus.

Preguntas para considerar: ¿Su estudiante planea utilizar la Clínica Médica de Marquette o un proveedor de atención familiar para sus necesidades médicas? ¿A dónde acudirá su estudiante para buscar ayuda para su salud mental? ¿Hay algo que puede hacer Ud. para apoyar la salud mental de su estudiante?


Es importante hablar sobre el presupuesto y los gastos con su estudiante para establecer expectativas claras. Para más información, Marquette Central tiene todos los recursos que necesita para asegurarse de que conoce los próximos pasos clave y los plazos importantes para una experienca universitaria exitosa. También tiene la opción de reservar una cita con cualquiera de las oficinas de Marquette Central para hacer preguntas y recibir una orientación personalizada. Hay personal que habla español.   

Si su estudiante está buscando oportunidades de empleo, diríjalo a los Servicios de Empleo para Estudiantes (enlace en inglés) para más información.

Preguntas para considerar: ¿Sabe su estudiante hacer un presupuesto y planea hacerlo? ¿Le dará a su estudiante dinero para actividades o necesidades específicas? Si es así, ¿cuánto? ¿Se espera que su estudiante consiga un trabajo durante su tiempo en Marquette? Si es así, ¿ha pensado en qué tipo de trabajo y en las horas que trabajará mientras sigue enfocado en los estudios?


Una conversación importante que debe tener con su estudiante es sobre la comunicación. Piense y hable sobre sus expectativas para él/ella y aprende sobre sus expectativas para Ud. en cuanto al contacto y la comunicación cuando comience su experiencia universitaria. 

Preguntas para considerar: ¿Qué expectativas tiene en cuanto a la comunicación con su estudiante? ¿Con qué frecuencia se comunicará con su estudiante (diariamente, semanalmente, mensualmente)? Después de dejar a su estudiante, ¿cuándo planea volver a verlo durante el semestre?


La Pastoral Universitaria sirve a todos los estudiantes en su camino de fe, ¡no sólo a los estudiantes católicos! Consulte su página web para conocer los próximos eventos, programas y actividades espirituales.

Preguntas para considerar: Hable con su estudiante sobre su fe y cómo/si la representará mientras esté en Marquette. ¿Participará su estudiante en los cultos religiosos? ¿Tendrá su estudiante una rutina basada en su fe?

Cursos y orientación académica:

Durante SPARK en Casa, su estudiante aprendió sobre el Currículo Central de Marquette (vea un video con subtítulos en español disponsibles), el centro de la experiencia educativa de cada estudiante de Marquette. Anime a su estudiante a hablar con los profesores, conectarse con los Servicios de Apoyo Académico, y utilizar el Centro de Escritura Norman H. Ott Memorial (enlace en inglés), junto con otras oportunidades que le ayudarán a tener éxito académico.  

Recursos relacionados a COVID:

Por favor, visite la página web de Marquette sobre el Coronavirus (enlace en inglés) para los recursos y la información más actualizada de la universidad. Para información sobre el COVID-19 de Milwaukee, visite la página web del Coronavirus de Milwaukee.

August 2021

A time of transition – for the student and parent 

During the first year, and throughout college, students will move between being out in a world that’s exciting and also needing to know their parents and families will always support them. Some students will thrive immediately; others will need more time to get comfortable. No matter the pace, the next four years are an important transition to independent adulthood. 

It’s also an important milestone for parents and families, transitioning from provider and protector to mentor and confidant. 

Stay in touch – visit during Family Weekend! 

Marquette encourages families to stay in touch with their students and send care packages to celebrate their successes while also encouraging them to take advantage of university resources when they are struggling. 

First-year students living on campus are encouraged to stay at Marquette on weekends during the first semester as much as possible. It is a crucial time to make new friends, adjust to new academic expectations and get involved outside the classroom.  

Family Weekend is October 8-10, 2021! Updates and additional information will come in early September.  Visit the website to learn more about the events offered on or off campus. Also, consider just joining your student for a tour of campus or a dinner downtown. 

Living arrangements 

All first-year students living in a residence hall are asked to complete a roommate agreement, including how roommates will navigate different expectations and living styles. Most new students find their living arrangements work if they are open-minded and communicate with one another.  

Tuition and bills 

Students receive notices about tuition to their Marquette email accounts. If parents want to receive these notices, they must have their student register a parent’s email for guest access through their CheckMarq account. This also provides access to bursar accounts, e-bills and 1098Ts. 

October 2021

Reminder visit during Family Weekend! 

Family Weekend is October 8-10, 2021! Visit the website to learn more about the events offered on and off campus. Also, consider just joining your student and having them show you around campus and sharing a meal together!

Midterm/Fall Break

The October 21 to 22 midterm break provides an opportunity to reconnect with your student. Some students experience homesickness, and it is normal for students to miss their families and friends back home. But if a student’s homesickness is interfering with daily life, encourage them to seek support by talking to a resident assistant, visiting Campus Ministry and/or stopping by the Counseling Center. The entire Academic Calendar is also online. 

Off-campus and university apartments 

The University Apartments has put together resources for parents and families as their students begin navigating the search process for off-campus and university apartments. The University Apartment selection process will begin in mid-late October, and tours of vacant apartments will begin starting on Family Weekend. 

Information can be found on our website.

Resident Assistant Selection 

The Office of Residence Life began accepting applications for Resident Assistant positions for the 2022-23 academic year on September 29th with a kick off -information session in the Weasler Auditorium.  Applications and asynchronous interviews remain open through December 11th at noon.  Interviews will take place in early spring semester 2022.  Encourage your student to apply.  It’s a great opportunity to develop as a campus leader. Visit the website for more information. 

SPARK Leader Selection 

Students can develop their leadership skills and help welcome the Class of 2026 next June as a SPARK Leader!  This paid summer position provides students an opportunity to connect with other student leaders through spring trainings and teambuilding. This position also introduces students in many campus resources and leadership development programs. Information will be posted on the website on Friday, October 8. 

Fall means FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2022-2023 academic year will be available online this Friday, Oct. 1. 

Students must complete and submit their FAFSA by Saturday, Jan. 15, to meet the Tuesday, Feb. 1, priority deadline to be considered for maximum financial assistance for the upcoming school year.  

The Office of Student Financial Aid will send any requests for additional documentation to students’ Marquette email addresses. Students will have 30 days to complete this request to ensure timely processing and full consideration for financial assistance. Missing documents can also be viewed on the to-do list under the Financial Aid tile on CheckMarq. 

For more information, review the Step by Step Guide to Applying for Financial Aid along with these key steps for applying for financial aid.  

Questions can be directed to Marquette Central

Talk to Your Student About Graduate Studies at Marquette 

 Virtual Program Information Sessions: Join our virtual information sessions specific to your program(s) of interest. Talk with faculty and our graduate admissions counselors to get a better sense of our programs, the admissions process and graduate experience at Marquette. Great for Juniors and Seniors. Learn more:

 Accelerated Degree Programs: Fast track your future! With Marquette’s Accelerated Degree Programs, Marquette students can complete a master’s degree in one additional year by taking graduate-level courses their senior year that count towards both a bachelor’s and master’s degree saving time and money. Great for Sophomores and Juniors. Learn more: 

Individual Information Session: Meet one-on-one in person or virtually with our graduate admission counselors to learn about graduate education opportunities in the Graduate School and Graduate School of Management. Great for Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Email us at to schedule an appointment.

November 2021


Registration appointment time 

In mid-November, after advising, students register for classes. Registration appointments for undergraduate students are assigned by total number of credits. This process allows students who are closest to completing their degree – and have less opportunity to take certain classes – to have earlier appointments. Marquette Central has a wonderful resource for students on the How Do I…? website. 

Staying healthy 

As cold and flu season beings, students may get sick for the first time away from home. The Marquette University Medical Clinic offers a wide range of resources to care for sick students. 

Encourage balance 

This is a great time to encourage your student to maintain a balanced life – fitting in exercise and a healthy diet with academics and a social life. This is equally important for a student who is worried about grades or one spending too little time in the library. Students have free access to the Rec Center and Rec Plex on campus.  

Apply to be an RA

Every year the Office of Residence Life works to recruit students to serve in the Resident Assistant (RA) role. These individuals serve as a leader amongst their peers, a resource within the living community and work to create an inclusive and safe community on campus. We are currently looking for Resident Assistants (RAs) for the 2022-2023 academic year. Applications are due Friday, December 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm (noon) CST. All information can be found on our website: 

Students who have been previous camp counselors, peer mentors, or held other peer leadership roles have the types of experiences we are seeking. RAs receive paid housing, meal plan, and a stipend payment. Students are welcome to email with any questions.

University Apartment Information 

The University Apartments has put together resources for parents and families as their students begin navigating the search process for off-campus and university apartments. Information can be found on our website here: 

Our University Apartment Selection process is currently underway, and more information can be found here: 

December 2021

Final Exams and Grades

The end of the semester is quickly approaching which means students are extremely busy preparing for final exams, papers and projects. During this stressful time, students should be encouraged to seek balance in work and play and take care of themselves. This is an ideal time to send words of reassurance, a care package or a gift certificate to enjoy a meal out.  
Grades are posted in students’ CheckMarq accounts the week after finals. Inevitably, some students may not do as well as they had hoped. Take time to discuss with your student what he or she hopes or plans to do differently in the future and encourage them to take advantage of academic support services. More information about guest access on Checkmarq is available online. 

A time for reflection and fun 

Winter break is an ideal time for families and students to reflect on the semester, especially after students have caught up on sleep and reconnected with family and friends. Families should take time to ask students about their favorite class, favorite Milwaukee restaurant, most challenging professor and new friends. It’s also a good time to encourage students to develop in their faith or spirituality and ask if they have considered taking advantage of the many faith-based resources offered for students of all backgrounds on campus.  

When your student is home during winter break make sure to spend time doing fun activities. It doesn't necessarily have to be a big trip but rather a time for simple things that your student might have enjoyed prior to college. also offers some great things to think about over the break including Setting House Rules. 

Away from home, students are learning to make independent and responsible decisions as an adult. Take some time to review this booklet from the Division of Student Affairs, to help guide conversations.  Enjoy time and take pride in the growth they have achieved. 

Spring Engagement Opportunities for Students

Sorority Life

Marquette’s Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment Registration is open! Sorority Greek Life at Marquette focuses on building long-lasting bonds through sisterhood and service. Marquette has 6 social sororities and 1 affiliate chapter on campus that focus on philanthropic service that directly impacts the Milwaukee Community. Check out the different chapters here. If your daughter is interested in recruitment, please have her sign up here, signups will close on January 20, 2022. If there are any questions, please email 

The Cardoner Scholars

Is your first-year or sophomore student looking for a way to get involved on campus? Do they want to learn leadership skills and grow in their relationships with likeminded peers? Cardoner Scholars is a great opportunity for students to do just that! This six-week cohort-based program built on reflections of identities, goal setting, and skill growth based in Ignatian practice. The Cardoner Scholars leadership program is open to first or second-year students who want to deepen their leadership skills and elevate their transformative Marquette education.    

Scholars will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM for six workshops with Office of Engagement and Inclusion mentors and participate in activities that help them understand their own leadership styles as well as grow in their leadership skills.  Applications are now open for the Spring 2022 cohort. Click here for more information and to apply! Students can submit applications until February 11, 2022.  

Please contact with any questions!  

SPARK Leaders

Students can develop their leadership skills and help welcome the Class of 2026 next June as a SPARK Leader!  This paid summer position provides students an opportunity to connect with other student leaders through spring trainings and teambuilding. This position also introduces students in many campus resources and leadership development programs. Information will be posted on the website and students can apply over the break and interview upon return to campus in for the spring semester.

January 2022

Making Marquette home 

Many first-year students return to campus more confident and comfortable and will receive invitations to become involved in out-of-class experiences. The opportunities are as diverse as the student body, including student organizations, community service opportunities, intramural and club sports, and faith-based retreats, to name a few. 

Other opportunities to get involved include undergraduate research service learningGreek Life and student employment. Now is a great time for students to try different groups and learn about different opportunities around campus.  Encourage your student to attend Winter O-fest on Thursday, February 3 in the AMU. 

New Year’s Resolutions 

If your student is trying to keep their new year's resolution or just wants to get moving encourage, them to check out what Rec Sports has to offer!  There are sign-ups for club sports, intramurals and group fitness classes. Students can visit both the Rec Center and the Plex!   

Still time to Apply to be a SPARK Leader this Summer!

Students can develop their leadership skills and help welcome the Class of 2026 next June as a SPARK Leader!  This paid summer position provides students an opportunity to connect with other student leaders through spring trainings and teambuilding. This position also introduces students in many campus resources and leadership development programs. Information will be posted on the website and students can apply over the break and interview upon return to campus in for the spring semester.

February 2022

Winter blahs 

Winter in Milwaukee can be a challenge for some students as the snow flies and the days are shorter. Students may experience the winter “blahs”, and alcohol use tends to increase at this time of the year. Encourage students to bundle up and spend time outside exploring Milwaukee. Included in student tuition is a bus pass for the Milwaukee County bus system, and there are hundreds of entertainment and dining options only a few minutes away, Visit Milwaukee is a great place to start the search. 

Spring break plans can include service trips 

Spring break – March 12 to 20 – is just around the corner, and students begin making plans for trips during this time. Some visit home, travel or stay on campus, but many participate in week-long service trips with other students. Offered through student organizations or Campus Ministry, service trips are a fun, inexpensive way for students to meet new people while giving back to their greater community. Service sites are spread around the globe and provide an opportunity to live and learn from people of different backgrounds. The trips engage students in aspects of social justice. 

2022 Orientation Leaders Needed  

If your student is looking for a great way to get involved on campus, encourage them to apply to be a 2022 Orientation Leader!  The Orientation Leader application launched, and the application deadline is Monday, February 14th at 11:50pm. More information about the expectations, commitment, and application process can be found on-line. 

March 2022

Housing selection  

Marquette requires first- and second-year students to live in on-campus residence halls unless they live at home. In March, students must submit a housing deposit that will activate their preassigned, random assignment times. Current first-year students will receive priority. For more information about this process students should reach out to the Office of Residence Life and view information about Returning Student Housing on-line. 

Fall class registration and declaring a major  

Students will meet their adviser and being planning for course registration for the next year. Students can view their registration times in their CheckMarq account. Those students who are still undecided about which major to choose should be encouraged to explore their options and seek guidance from academic support services. Most students choose a major by the end of their sophomore year, but even those who don’t should start narrowing down options.  Career Services also serves as a resource for students for a variety of topics including selecting a major and how to prepare for a job search. They have a portion on their website devoted to helping family members assist their student with career development.  

Winter in Milwaukee can be a challenge for some students as the snow flies and the days are shorter. Students may experience the winter “blahs”, and alcohol use tends to increase at this time of the year. Encourage students to bundle up and spend time outside exploring Milwaukee. Included in student tuition is a bus pass for the Milwaukee County bus system, and there are hundreds of entertainment and dining options only a few minutes away, Visit Milwaukee is a great place to start the search. 

eople of different backgrounds. The trips engage students in aspects of social justice. 

April 2022

Staying focused 

As temperatures rise, students often find it more difficult to concentrate. Continue to encourage your student to balance work and play and join study groups or set attainable short-term goals to stay focused on classes and assignments.  

Summer jobs 

It is never too early for students to begin preparing for their post-graduation career. Summer jobs and internships are valuable opportunities to learn skills for future jobs and start creating a network of professional contacts. The programs, including resume critiques, interview practice, and job and internship search skills. Encourage your student to take advantage of Career Services and visit the Handshake websites to see what opportunities are out there. 

Summer class opportunities 

Whether your student is looking to catch up, get a head start on the fall semester or graduate sooner, Marquette’s Summer Studies program offers hundreds of on-campus options and many online courses, including many popular introductory and University Core of Common Studies classes. Six-week accelerated summer programs allow students to take a class in the morning or evening, leaving plenty of time for a summer job or internship and enjoying summer in Milwaukee. 

May 2022

The final push 

Students are facing their final round of papers, projects and exams and often experience a great deal of pressure at this time of the year. This is a great time to send your student a care package and pass along words of encouragement.   

Residence hall move-out 

Right after final exams, students will need to pack and prepare their residence hall room to move out. The Office of Residence Life can provide additional information about summer housing options for students choosing to stay or information about summer storage. 

Many students return home for the summer, and others pursue internship opportunities or summer employment in Milwaukee. No matter their plans, students are often exhausted after finals, mentally and physically, and need some time to re-energize.  

Back at home 

Families should talk with their students about how they’ve seen them grown during the past year and discuss their hopes for the upcoming year. Ask them about what they hope to accomplish in the next year and how they will continue to be involved on campus and in the Milwaukee community. Encourage your student to get involved in out-of-class experiences, even if that didn’t happen last year. It’s never too late. 

Staying in touch with friends 

Students who leave campus for the summer may wonder what will happen to their friendships during the summer, so encourage them to stay in touch with their classmates. Popular Milwaukee reunion destinations include Summerfest, which beings in late June, and a variety of other festivals on or near the lakefront. Visit Milwaukee has lots of helpful information about events and things to do in the city. 

First- to second-year transition 

First-year parents and students have just completed a year of change and self-discovery. Next up is sophomore year, which has its own set of challenges. Sophomore are often more comfortable and confident than first-year students. In spite of this, students think they should have everything under control but know they don’t. The excitement and challenge of freshman year is gone, as is the adrenaline rush of transition. The traditional sophomore slump hits mid-year and can linger through spring. Critical issues for sophomores include academic complacency, personal and financial risk, and changing interest and goals.  

Sophomores often take more risks than they did as freshman. This is a year when financial problems – some related to credit cards, for example – can set it. It’s important for parents to discuss expectations and proper money management skills.  

It’s also often a time when students start more serious relationships. It’s important for student to continue to find balance in their social lives and academic pursuits. 

Many sophomores are ripe for identifying, or at least clarifying, their passion in life. It’s still early enough to change majors, so encourage students to embrace their passions and explore majors that might allow them to capitalize on their strengths.