Ignatian Leadership Retreat

August 30 — September 1, 2024

First-year and transfer students of all faith backgrounds, who share a desire to put their faith and leadership potential into action in their new Marquette environment, are invited to the Ignatian Leadership Retreat (ILR). Build community, have fun, make friends, and ask big questions about your journey at Marquette.

Registrations are now open! Register before the deadline (Thursday, August 15).

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For more information on Ignatian Leadership Retreat, contact Pablo Cardenal.


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What is the Ignatian Leadership Retreat?

On the Ignatian Leadership Retreat you will find yourself:

  • Meeting and becoming friends with other students who share your values.
  • Exploring and enjoying the beautiful lake and grounds of the retreat center.
  • Listening to peers share how the Ignatian focused pillars of Marquette have shaped their college experience.
  • Spending time reflecting on how Jesuit ideals are found within your life.
  • Sharing insights in small groups.
  • Praying both alone and as a faith community.
  • Relaxing away from campus to focus on yourself and God.
  • Having fun!


$30 for all transportation, food and lodging for the entire retreat. Financial assistance is readily available; see the Retreat FAQ page for more information.


Lutherdale Ministries - Elkhorn, WI

Lutherdale is a camp/retreat center environment set on the Lauderdale Lakes waterfront. There’s abundant land to walk and explore, big sports fields and a large chapel. The retreat center features comfortable bedrooms, a full kitchen and several lounges for games, music and hanging out.


  • Friday, August 30, 5:00 p.m.: Meet at Campus Ministry (AMU 236)
  • Sunday, September 1, 11 a.m.: Retreat ends, depart for Marquette
  • Sunday, September 1, Noon: Back at Marquette

Student Testimonials

  • The Ignatian Leadership Retreat was the perfect opening event for my Marquette experience; helping ease me into making new friends for the first time in years. One of the many friends I made on the retreat will even be my roommate for next year. The retreat demonstrates Marquette’s Jesuit ideals of fostering a community for all.
    — Brennan
  • ILR was an answered prayer for me. This was the perfect way to enter into a community of faith at Marquette. The people whom I met on this retreat continue to be some of my best friends and hold me accountable in my faith journey.
  • A great way to start off the school year and an amazing place to meet new people.
    — Michael
  • My Ignatian Leadership Retreat was truly a wonderful and enriching experience, which positively influenced my first year at Marquette. Since I was coming to Marquette from thousands of miles away, I wanted to embrace the new challenge with a retreat, which I believe is a great way to make friends and lasting connections. I felt very comfortable in the retreat setting and loved every minute. While I cannot guarantee that you will meet your best friends in the world, you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who care for you and are embarking on similar journeys.