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Meet some of our current students, where they're from, and why they chose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette

  • Rachel B.
  • Steve H.
  • Summer S.
  • Sara W.
  • Claire C.
  • Mary Grace R.
  • Maddie J.
  • Ryan C.
  • Alissa W.
  • Noel K.
  • Michael C.

Rachel B.

Hometown: New Berlin, WI
Major: Exercise Physiology ‘20, Doctorate of Physical Therapy ‘22
Special Admission Programs: DPT
Expected Graduation Year: 2022
Activities/Involvement: As a graduate student, I have the pleasure of serving as the Director of Operations for the Marquette Backpack Program. This program provides a confidential way for food insecure students on campus to access fresh, nutritious food as well as personal products and cleaning supplies at no cost to them. I also am a student PT in Marquette's Pro-Bono clinic and volunteer on weekends for a local Milwaukee organization called Streetlife. As an undergrad, I was involved in an all-female fitness club called CHAARG, part of the Saoirse club Irish dance team, volunteered for Midnight Run, and participated in MARDI GRAS and MAP service trips among other activities.
Career Goals: I aspire to be a sports medicine physical therapist working with athletes of all ages. I also would love to one day coach a JV basketball team at a local high school.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I chose MU CHS because of the opportunities and education I would receive. Attending the top ranked PT school in the state and the 14th ranked PT school in the nation was something I could not pass up on. Our faculty is world renowned and have specialty interests in nearly every discipline PT can offer. As an undergraduate, exercise science drew me to MU for the internship opportunities students receive as juniors. I was able to work at Marquette University High School in their strength and conditioning center and was then hired to train their varsity tennis team and lead camps for middle school boys learning how to lift.
How did you pick your major/program? I chose Exercise Physiology as my undergrad major because I am fascinated by the way the body moves and how we respond to it. I also wanted to be in a major that kept me active and encouraged a healthy lifestyle, so it was a great fit for me. I chose to further pursue PT because of an experience I had when I was in high school. I worked with my neighbor who suffers from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and was essentially his in-home PT aide. He was the reason I became interested in PT and is my motivation to keep pushing myself to ask questions and get the most out of my classroom and clinical experiences.
What is your favorite spot on campus? The west side of St. Joan of Arc Chapel by the grotto as it is a beautiful, shady spot to relax in and share lunch with friends or just have some peace and time to myself.

Steve H.

Hometown: Deer Park, IL
Major: Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy
Minor: Psychology
Special admission program: DPT
Expected graduation year: 2022
Activities/Involvement: PT Class President; Athletics academic tutor; Backpack Program; Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic
Career goals: I am still unsure about the short-term trajectory of my career, but long-term, I want to change the way healthcare is administered in our country. We spend the most of any country in the world on healthcare costs, but have nowhere near the best healthcare outcomes. We need healthcare to function less like a business, more like a service.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I wanted to choose an undergrad major that would supplement my career as a physical therapist. With exercise science being the most appealing option, the College of Health Science offered everything I need to succeed.
How did you pick your major/program? I am kinesthetic leaner, so I learn best with hands-on material. Exercise science and physical therapy have many labs that facilitate the development of patient care skills. You learn things that can't just be taught by a textbook or lecture.
What is your favorite spot on campus? Top level of the 16th St. parking structure (on a day with good weather). It has a fantastic view of the city!

Summer S.

Hometown: Grafton, WI
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Minor: Culture, Health, and Illness
Expected graduation year: May 2022
Activities/Involvement:InterVarsity, Pre-PA Club
Career goals: Physician Assistant
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? They were very active in activities at my high school. I was involved in a program called SMART Team where we wrote a college level abstract and scientific poster, and 3-D modeled a protein structure after research a professor at Marquette was doing. Through this program I got to see the campus and meet some of the amazing professors at Marquette!
How did you pick your major/program? I researched many different career paths in high school and felt the physician assistant career was the most suitable for me. I chose my major because it allows me to many interesting classes that other schools don't offer if you major in biology or chemistry with a pre-pa path. Also, the professors in this major are some of the kindest, smartest, and hardworking people I've ever met and make hard classes manageable with their help.
What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the 4th floor of Cudahy. It is one of the best hidey holes to study in at Marquette because there are so many windows and it is so quiet, but only a few people study there.

Sara W.

Hometown: Waunakee, WI
Major: Exercise Physiology
Minor: Psychology
Special admission programs: MAT Program
Expected graduation year: 2021
Activities/Involvement: I am currently the president of club softball and have been playing on the team since my freshman year. I also am a member of Habitat for Humanity, in the University Honors Program, and a mentor for the University Honor's Peer Mentorship Program
Career goals: I currently hope to work as an athletic trainer at the college level (undecided on division and sport)
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? Marquette offered everything I was looking for and made it into the perfect combination. I knew I wanted an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology, and I knew I wanted a master's degree in Athletic Training - Marquette offers a 5-year MAT program and I get both degrees. Another beneficial part of this was that the program is direct admit, so I knew going into freshman year that I was in the program.
How did you pick your major/program? I knew I always wanted to work in the healthcare field, I just had to decide which profession. When I was growing up, I was always involved in at least one sport and I absolutely loved playing. I also had my fair share of injuries and would have interactions with athletic trainers frequently. That first exposed me to the profession and made me realize it's the perfect combination of sports and healthcare. Plus, now I get to help future generations of athletes like athletic trainers did for me.
What is your favorite spot on campus? This may not be the typical favorite place, but my favorite place on campus is Cramer. Between hanging out in the Cramer lounge with friends, studying for exams, doing unique activities in labs, and having pretty much every class there, I have enjoyed my time in that building and have learned so much.

Claire C.

Hometown: Oro Valley, AZ
Major: Exercise Physiology with Honors, Physical Therapy (DPT4)
Special admission programs: DPT 4
Expected graduation year: Exercise Physiology 2021, DPT 2023
Activities/Involvement: Marquette University Disciplinary Honors Program, Marquette Club Rowing, Liturgical Choir Vice President, Camino Facilitator, Retreat Leader, Representative for Exercise is Medicine on Campus
Career goals: I hope to become a physical therapist that is not only addressing the physical needs of the patient, but whole person as well. I am also interested in the accessibility to adequate exercise spaces in cities.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I chose CHS because of the faculty. They are incredible teachers that not only educate us about the body but support us as people. I also appreciate the hands-on approach to learning that is utilized in my program.
How did you pick your major/program? I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist, but I also an avid exerciser. I am fascinated by science behind creating exercise programs that improve specific aspects of performance. I also appreciate that our labs focus on practicing skills on each other. This has been a huge benefit in terms of preparing for PT school.
What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot is the Mary grotto west of the Joan of Arc Chapel. It is so peaceful to sit there and relax. It's especially beautiful during the winter with the snow framing the grotto.

Mary Grace R.

Hometown: Cary, IL
Majors: Speech Pathology & Audiology and Psychology
Special admission program: Accelerated Degree Program for Speech Pathology
Expected graduation year: Undergrad - May 2021; Grad - August 2022
Involvement: National Student Speech, Language, & Hearing Association (President), Midnight Run, Marquette M.A.R.D.I. G.R.A.S.
Career goals: I hope to work in a hospital setting with patients have just experienced a stroke or traumatic brain injury. I also would love the opportunity to work in the NICU with new babies and families to solidify feeding techniques! Eventually, I hope to open my own clinic that offers speech therapy, along with OT and PT, for individuals who are of a lower socioeconomic status and cannot afford standard medical care or insurance.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I knew Marquette's College of Health Sciences was the place for me because of the amazing hands-on experiences undergraduate students can have in the clinic. My freshman year, I was already observing speech therapy sessions frequently and volunteering in Marquette's Speech and Hearing Clinic! Additionally, the faculty and staff within the college, along with students in the college, were so welcoming and friendly to me when I came for my visits. It felt like home right away.
How did you pick your major/program? I love the medical field, but I am not a big fan of school. I knew I needed to pick a career path that would allow me to explore my passions while also allowing me to start my life when I wanted to start it. Speech pathology allows me to have close relationships with patients, use higher level thinking to challenge myself every day, and be exposed to a handful of different settings and populations which I could work in and with - I love having options! I picked up the psychology major because it has always been a love of mine.
What is your favorite spot on campus? Outside Joan of Arc in the warm weather!

Maddie J.

Hometown: Lake Villa, IL
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Minors: Neuroscience, Psychology, and Biology
Special admission programs: Honors Program
Expected graduation year: 2021
Activities/Involvement: President of the Biomedical Sciences Student Association (BMSA), Co-President of the Just Brew It: MU Coffee Club, Volunteer at Aurora Sinai Medical Center, I work as a TA for Anatomy and BISC 1001 and I am a barista and shift lead at the Brew Cafes (the coffee shops on campus).
Career goals: My plan is to go to Medical School and become a surgeon!
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? The first time I visited Marquette as a prospective student, I toured the Gross Anatomy lab and got to hold a real human brain! Marquette has one of the only cadaveric Gross Dissection labs that offers classes to undergraduate students. Normally, dissection is reserved for Graduate programs. I realized that this was an experience that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Also, when walking around campus, I felt like I was at home and I could see myself walking to classes, meeting friends at the coffee shop, and studying in the library. I truly felt like I belonged, and I am so happy with my decision to come to Marquette!
How did you pick your major/program? The College of Health Sciences at Marquette has an incredibly unique program. Marquette offers a human focused science and health curriculum, with an emphasis on preparing students for professional schools. The support system and the resources available to students is extensive and showed me that Marquette really does care about its students. Also, the opportunities for involvement here are endless for undergraduate students. You can get involved with research immediately, meet with professors any time of day, and find people who are just as passionate as you are!
What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the Brew Cafe in the AMU. It is the most versatile place on campus. You can study alone or with groups, you can meet up with friends and just hang out, and you can drink delicious coffee. It really is a fun place to be and a really cool place!

Ryan C.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Exercise Physiology
Minor: Psychology
Special Admission Programs: Direct Admit Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Expected Graduation Year: 2022 (undergraduate), 2024 (graduate)
Activities/Involvement: RCIA (campus ministry), Global brigades (Panama, January 2020), worked in the Neuro Recovery Clinic as a Rehab Aide (sophomore year)
Career Goals: My biggest career goal is to become a physical therapist specializing in cardiopulmonary and vascular rehabilitation. The heart truly fascinates me and I would still have the ability to work with both inpatient and outpatient clients, allowing for added flexibility to reach and work with a wider range of people.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I chose CHS because of the advanced technology and personnel within our College. Our faculty coupled with the technology we have access to so early on in our educational career create unparalleled opportunities. The faculty all take a large interest in the success and well-being of the students and work extremely hard to make sure that we have what we need to get to where we want to be at the end of our 4(+) years.
How did you pick your major/program? The programs exceedingly high rankings coupled with the interest and confidence shown by possible future employers was automatically a driving factor. Beyond that, every current student in the program I talked to shared their experience with me and I knew I wanted to be a part of this incredible group. The more I explored the different directions I could go within Physical Therapy and how the Exercise Physiology program here would get me to be where I wanted, my choice was cemented.
What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the Cramer Lounge (in the basement). It is a great place to relax, work and study in comfort. They have vending machines (food and drink) so long hours of studying can get a little easier as well as the easy walk upstairs to the Exercise Physiology offices during professors’ office hours to ask questions. It is also near a large number of my classes so I can maximize my work time during the day when I have short breaks between classes so that my nights aren’t forced to be so packed with work.

Alissa W.

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Major: Biomedical Sciences & Philosophy
Minors: Music, Biology
Expected graduation year: Spring 2021
Activities/Involvement: University Honors Program, Undergraduate Research, Marquette University Band/Pep Band
Career goals: I aim to pursue an MS and become a Genetic Counselor
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I definitely enjoyed the focus that the College of Health Sciences put on human-based health (I really don’t like to study plants), and the classes offered are all great preparation for a variety of careers in medical sciences.
How did you pick your major/program? I decided on Biomedical Sciences due to its medical focus and flexibility. I switched from wanting to become a doctor to wanting to become a genetic counselor in my 2nd year, and due to the flexible nature of the major, I was still able to tailor my classes specifically towards what I’m interested in. Plus, the professors are all incredibly supportive. I decided to add a second major in Philosophy after taking a few classes and realizing I was very interested in Bioethics. Many healthcare fields, especially Genetic Counseling, requires addressing ethical concerns for patients and practice, and with a Philosophy major, I feel well-prepared to take part in those discussions.
What is your favorite spot on campus? Varsity Theater

Noel K.

Hometown: South Milwaukee, WI
Major: Exercise Physiology
Special admission program: MAT
Expected graduation year: EXPH '22 MAT '23
Activities/Involvement: women's club golf, intramural sports (volleyball, soccer, softball), student-athlete tutor, RCIA team member
Career goals: Athletic trainer for a professional sports team
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? From touring and going to prospective student events/admitted student events, I really saw the College of Health Sciences as a family. The faculty within this college truly care about you and want you to excel.
How did you pick your major/program? Combines my love of sports and science!
What is your favorite spot on campus? Joan of Arc chapel

Michael C.

Hometown: Round Lake Beach, IL
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Special admission programs: Physician Assistant Program (1st year)
Expected graduation year: Biomedical Sciences 2021, Physician Assistant Studies 2023
Activities/Involvement: During undergrad, I was a part of Brain Brigade, Marquette Quidditch, and Bayanihan Student Organization. I also did intramural sports (innertube water polo and volleyball). I volunteered at Aurora Sinai in a lot of different roles (cookie baking was my favorite). I worked as a SPARK and orientation leader in addition to my role in a research lab focused on spinal cord injury and axon regeneration.
Career goals: I aspire to be an effective provider wherever PAs are needed. Since I will be young when I graduate from PA school, I want to develop experience and confidence in fields in which I may not be comfortable. My love for hands-on activities, coupled with my love for neuroscience, may lead me to a neurosurgery PA job one day.
Why did you choose the College of Health Sciences at Marquette? I chose the College of Health Sciences because of the utility of the Biomedical Science degree — you can use it wherever you go. I also like that undergraduates can be involved in research, something I think every student should have an opportunity to do. The professors in the CHS are unique and supportive of your academic (and personal) goals.
How did you pick your major/program? I always loved to learn about the human body and wanted to explore medicine. Sometime in my sophomore year, I researched different fields to which I could apply. After I shadowed a PA in nephrology, I knew this was my career. Naturally, I applied to Marquette’s program considering the rigorous education I continue to receive.
What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus has to be the basement of Raynor. It’s a comfortable spot to study or take breaks.

Student studying on campus