Getting started: Faculty Success

Marquette’s Faculty Success allows faculty to track their accomplishments and professional activities and to generate reports online. This web-based activity reporting system allows for efficient and accurate production of up-to-date reports. The system is available to you any time and is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection.   

Learn more about the online Faculty Success.

Starting in fall 2011, the online Faculty Success has generated electronic faculty activity reports, replacing the paper versions that faculty would submit in previous years. As in past years, those reports will form the basis for annual merit raises. It is a good idea to keep the information in your account current and complete. There are just a few steps that you should follow to prepare your annual report. 

What do I need to do to finalize my annual faculty activity report within the system? 

  1. Enter any new activity information that does not already appear in the system. Please see this tutorial or the Faculty Success User Guide for more information on how to enter information into the system.
  2. Review any information that has been entered for you. See the Faculty Success information upload schedule to learn more about what information is automatically loaded into Faculty Success for you, along with a list of corresponding upload dates.
  3. Run your faculty activity report to be sure that your information appears accurately. Please see this tutorial on how to run reports within the system.

For any college-related inquiries regarding Faculty Success, please contact the Faculty Success representative from your college/school (in the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact your department Chair). See the list of college contacts.


Please email with any additional questions.