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Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor of Spanish

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

My current research and teaching focuses on contemporary Latin American literary and visual cultures, primarily in the Andes region. With the support of a Franklin Grant and an NEH Summer Stipend, I am working on a book on Bartolina Sisa, an Aymara indigenous heroine who led the 1781-82 uprising in and around La Paz, Bolivia. This book will be based on archival research and ethnographic field work in and beyond the Andes. In the book, I demonstrate that Bartolina is a nomadic figure who has traversed the Qhapaq Ñan (the Inca road) and immigrated to both Europe and the United States. I trace her appearances in novels, theatre, radionovelas, and installation art to argue that her archival afterlives speak to the colonial past that perpetually haunts the present. In addition to the Bartolina project, I have research underway on Fausto Reinaga, Aymara indigenous political theorist, and the Bolivian film collective, Grupo Ukamau.

My first book, Beyond Human: Vital Materialisms in the Andean Avant-Gardes (Bucknell 2019) studied the ways that poets, performance artists, and installation artists animate natural materials like rocks, water, and the soil in their art to challenge the notion that the human is the privileged agent over a passive ecosystem. This book includes chapters on César Vallejo, José María Arguedas, and Magda Portal as well as Bolivian activist-artists, Julieta Paredes and Alejandra Dorado. I draw on indigenous knowledge systems and political theory to make my arguments.


Ph.D. 2010, Hispanic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Berkeley

Courses Taught

  • CORE 1929 Methods of Inquiry: Modernity

  • SPAN 3001 Advanced Communication in Spanish

  • SPAN 3005 Advanced Communication for Heritage Speakers 
  • SPAN 3500 Introduction to Literary Analysis in Spanish

  • SPAN 3520 Hispanic Studies: Latin American and Latinx Literatures 

  • SPAN 4320 Contemporary Issues in the Spanish-speaking World: Capitalism and Extractivism in Latin America 

  • SPAN 5931/4931 Back to the Future: Indigenous Performance and Literature in Latin America

  • SPAN 6675 Poetry and Performance in Colonial and Contemporary Latin America

  • FOLA 4931 Masculinities in Latin American Film and Pop Culture

Research Interests

  • Contemporary Latin American cultural studies
  • Andean literary and visual studies
  • Indigenous knowledge systems 
  • Indigenous performance art
  • Environmental humanities 

Professional Affiliations

Modern Language Association

Latin American Studies Association 



  • Beyond Human: Vital Materialisms in the Andean Avant-Gardes. Bucknell University Press, February 2019.
  • Ramos, J. and Tara Daly, eds. Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures. London, New York: Palgrave, 2016.

Special Journal Issue 

  • Bolivian Studies Journal: Expanding the Critical Lens for Jaime Saenz’s Centennial (1921-1986). Eds. and Introduction, Tara Daly and Raquel Alfaro. University of Pittsburgh Press. 2022. 275 pp.


  •  “Conocer con, saber de y percibir desde el Perú amazónico: El perspectivismo amerindio en César Calvo y Miguel Vilca. Modern Language Notes 134. 2 (March 2019): 412-439.
  • “Christian Bendayán: Queering the Archive from Iquitos, Perú.” Feminist  Studies Vol. 43.2(Fall 2017): 348-387. 
  • “The Vitalist Aesthetic of Antenor Orrego and César Vallejo.” Chasqui  (Spring 2014): 26-43.  
  • “Melancholy and Transnationalism in El Teatro de los Andes La Odisea.Hecho teatral 13.1 (Spring 2013): 115-141.
  • “El aire de Arguedas de la década de 1960: Una sustancia común y crítica.”  Revista Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana. Año XXXIX 75.1 (Summer 2012): 51-76.

Book Chapters

  • "Maximiliano Mamani/Bartolina Xixa: Queer Indigenous Performance at the Edge of a Decaying World." Bodies on the Front LinesBrenda Werth and Katherine Zien, Editors. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press (2024): 227-245. 
  • “El legado de José María Arguedas: los límites de la ecocrítica y las contribuciones Marxistas-Indigenistas en el Siglo XXI.” co-author, Irina Feldman. Arguedas GLOBAL: Indigenismo en el nuevo milenio. José Antonio Mazzotti, editor. Universidad César Vallejo: Lima, Peru (2020): 77-108.
  • “La Andetectura de Freddy Mamani: Entre lo espectacular y lo epistémico.” Visiones de los Andes. Edited by Ximena Briceño and Jorge Coronado.  La Paz, Bolivia and Pittsburgh, PA: Editorial Plural (2019): 47-77.
  • “Decolonial Alliances in the Amazonian Air: César Calvo’s Las tres mitades de  Ino Moxo y otros brujos de la Amazonía.” Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures (2016): 121-139.

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