Arabic Language Studies and Culture Minor

Program Goals

Students will acquire intermediate proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in modern standard Arabic language and Levantine vernacular. Proficiency in the Arabic language and culture equips students for professional opportunities, which can be found in education, international business, law, nursing, social work, government and armed forces. It trains students in all aspects of language skills and connects language learning with other disciplines.

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Arabic Language Studies and Culture Minor

The interdisciplinary Arabic Language Studies and Culture Minor provides students with an understanding of the importance of the Arab world and Islamic cultures in today’s global community. The minor includes an array of classes that provide students with knowledge of the major Arabic literary genres, linguistic skills, historical, religious, cultural, political, and geographical aspects of the Arab world and Islamic civilization.

The minor consists of six courses (19 cr. hrs.): four required Arabic language courses (13 cr. hrs.), and two elective courses (6 cr. hrs.) as listed below. The minor excludes ARBC 1001 Elementary Arabic 1.

arabic student

"Deciding to minor in Arabic was one of the best decisions I made at Marquette. Learning Arabic is more than just learning a language; it's also learning about culture and history. My Arabic studies have been invaluable to me, and having a unique skill like Arabic on my applications even helped me gain acceptances and scholarships at several top law schools!" - Allie Bitz





News from Recent Alumni

Brian Coe, a recent student of Arabic and an alum from Marquette, got an internship at the Council on American-Islamic Relations "doing legal research and litigation to protect the rights and liberties of Muslims who are being persecuted or harassed in the United States." Congratulations to Brian! 

Henna Celebration

A Henna Celebration was held this year in one of Dr. Othman's Arabic classes. A student in the class recently got engaged and the class decided to celebrate her engagement with a Henna party. For more past and upcoming events featuring Marquette students anbd faculty, see

Henna Celebration

Additional Information

For more information on Arabic courses and an extensive course work guide to the interdisciplinary Arabic Language Studies and Culture Minor, please visit the undergraduate bulletin.