Foreign Language Courses

Foreign Language Courses (FOLA)

Interdisciplinary courses within the department are listed under the "FOLA" subject heading. Generally these courses are taught in English.

To view FOLA courses:

  1. Visit
  2. Skip the login. In the PUBLIC ACCESS section of the login page, simply click or tap the "Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog" link.
  3. The Public Access to CheckMarq page appears. Click or tap the "Search for Classes" link.
  4. The Search for Classes page appears. Choose the term you are seeking (e.g., fall, spring or summer) from the Term drop-drop menu. Only active terms will appear.
  5. For Subject, choose Foreign Language from the Subject drop-down menu.
  6. Click or tap Search.
  7. If there are matching class results, the Search Results page appears showing FOLA classes.
  8. To see class details, click or tap the class or section links. To return the class results from a class detail page, click or tap the "View Search Results" button.