Program Goals

With the German program at Marquette, students will learn German language, literature and culture, and will achieve a high level of linguistic proficiency. Students will learn critical thinking, aesthetic interpretation and experience professional-level use of German, which will develop a broad knowledge of contemporary Germany and the European context. Student will develop critical reasoning throughout the program, as well as strong skills of interpretation, research skills in German studies and transferable skills for engaging critical contemporary issues.

Program Information

  • Concentrations Offered
  • German Courses
  • Faculty

Three distinct concentrations are offered:

  • German Language, Literature and Culture

  • Multidisciplinary German Studies

  • German for Secondary Teaching

Each concentration builds upon a core seven foundation courses:

  • GRMN 3000 Introduction to German Studies

  • GRMN 3001 German composition and conversation

  • GRMN 3500 Modern German Short Story

  • GRMN 3510 Thematic Survey of German Literature or GRMN 3520 Individual Genres or GRMN 3530 Individual authors

  • GRMN 4963 German Studies Writing Workshop and

  • GRMN 4962 German Studies Research Workshop Each workshop is 1-2 sem. hours; total 3 sem. hrs. required

  • GRMN 4961 Workshop in German to English Translation

Additional Information

For more information on German courses and an extensive course work guide to the German program, please visit the Marquette Undergraduate Bulletin.