Health care in the United States is expensive, and health insurance is necessary to protect international students in case of serious problems. All Marquette students with F-1 and J-1 visa status are required to have acceptable year-round health insurance coverage for their entire period of studies.

Marquette has established a student insurance program for its F-1 and J-1 visa students, and you will be covered under this plan beginning with your entry to the United States with a Marquette Form I-20 or DS-2019.

Only students who have alternate insurance coverage through a government sponsor or are covered under an appropriate insurance plan of a parent or spouse in the United States can be exempt from the Marquette plan. This exemption must be approved by OIE before enrollment.

Insurance Calendar and Enrollment
Each insurance year begins on August 1 and ends on the following July 31. Enrollment periods for students are:

  • Fall: August-December (5 months)
  • Spring/summer: January-July (7 months)


The expected cost for health insurance for the 2024-2025 school year is $250 per month.  Actual costs for the year may vary and are determined each summer.

Students will have the charges for the insurance added to their Bursar account for payment. Charges can be viewed in CheckMarq.

J-1 Exchange Program scholars and researchers who are not employed at Marquette as part of your Program will be contacted by the Office of International Education regarding payment.

J-1 Exchange Program scholars and researchers who are employed by at Marquette University can opt to have their insurance charges deducted from their payroll per established pay periods.

Please provide your full given name.
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What date will your employment begin at Marquette University?
What is your employee ID number?
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What is the start date on your current DS-2019?
What is the end date on your current DS-2019?
Payroll deduction agreement
Please read the statement and agree or disagree accordingly.


Learn more about Marquette's health insurance plan.