Temporary Housing Upon Arrival

Marquette is not able to offer temporary housing on campus before the start of the spring term. Students needing temporary housing upon arrival until they can move in to their permanent housing can find information here about hotels near campus. 

Students required to quarantine upon arrival should email the Office of Residence Life or call them at +1-414-288-7208. 

Please read Marquette's Announcement that Spring 2022 classes will begin on Monday, January 24, 2022. 

Permanent Housing During the Academic Year

Residence Hall on-campus: If you submitted an application for a university residence hall, you may move into your residence hall on you assigned date in January. Watch for information sent to your Marquette email account related to your housing assignment. Assignment information will be sent in early January.  More information about living on-campus is available on the "Life at Marquette" webpage. And don’t forget to check out information about specialty housing options like the Engineering or the CommUNITY floors.

Exchange students: If you have been assigned to housing in Campus Town Apartments (Global Village), you may move into your assigned apartments on or after January 8. (Marquette's decision to delay the start of classes to January 24, 2022 does NOT impact this move-in date.) Check your Marquette email account for information related to your Global Village assignment. Assignment information was sent to your Marquette email account.   

Students living off-campus: Plan to arrive early enough to locate satisfactory accommodations and to complete any needed self-quarantine. The Office of University Apartments and Off-Campus Student Services can help you begin your search for an apartment. You may contact this office via email or visit the Off-Campus Student Services web page. (Marquette's decision to delay the start of classes to January 24, 2022 does NOT impact privately owned apartments or university owned apartment move-in dates.)

Undergraduate Residence Hall Policy

All new undergraduate students are required to live in a university residence hall during their first two years of study unless they are 21 years old or older, more than two years out of high school or living with their parents. If you wish to request a waiver of this policy, please contact OIE as soon as possible.

Students who desire a halal diet can request special arrangements with Marquette’s food service to provide a basic halal entrée/main course option to supplement the standard dining offerings already acceptable for halal. If you wish to request such arrangements, please send your request to OIE.