Sabbatical Scheduling

Sabbatical Class Year

Each faculty member at Marquette University who is tenured is to be assigned to a Sabbatical Class Year. Those faculty who were tenured at the time the Sabbatical Program went into effect in 1975, or who received tenure prior to 1979, were assigned to a Sabbatical Class Year principally on the basis of the year of appointment to the full-time faculty at Marquette.

Faculty Members receiving tenure are to meet with their chairperson, where appropriate, and their dean or director as soon as possible after their tenure has been announced to determine their Sabbatical Class Year. The determination will be limited by their earliest eligible class year, but it should be a mutual decision reflecting the best interests of the faculty member, the department, and the college, school, or program.

For faculty who receive tenure before their seventh contract, their earliest eligible Sabbatical Class Year is the seventh year of their continuing appointment to Marquette's full-time faculty. For those who receive tenure with their seventh contract or later, their earliest Sabbatical Class Year is the year following the year in which their tenure becomes effective. Should they choose to join their earliest eligible class, they must see to it that an acceptable Sabbatical Plan is submitted by the 15th of October prior to the academic year in which the sabbatical is planned. If notification of tenure is received after the sabbatical plan deadline, then the earliest eligible sabbatical class is the next year.

When faculty members receive tenure, they may choose, so long as they have the concurrence of their chairperson and dean/director, any Sabbatical Class Year including or following their earliest eligible Class Year. Once the Sabbatical Class Year has been mutually agreed upon, the appropriate dean/director should notify the Office of the Provost by sending a copy of the signed enrollment form to that office. It is understood that once a Sabbatical Class Year has been formally determined, it remains in effect from then on and cannot ordinarily be changed.

Sabbatical Leave

The first Sabbatical Leave is normally to be taken in the Sabbatical Class Year, with subsequent Sabbatical Leaves scheduled in the 7th, 14th, 21st, etc., years following the Sabbatical Class Year.

Changes in the normal scheduling of Sabbatical Leaves are not allowed to accommodate the personal needs of the faculty member. However, in some few cases it may be necessary for the good of the department or the college to advance or delay by a year or two the Sabbatical Leave of a faculty member.

When a modification in the normal scheduling of a Sabbatical Leave is considered necessary, a request for this should be made to the Provost by the pertinent dean/director, upon the recommendation of the chairperson, if appropriate, and the concurrence of the faculty member, stating the reasons why this will benefit the department and college. To initiate a modification request, please complete the Status Change Form..

Office of the Provost- 1/80 (revised 2/91; 7/99; 5/22)