Mail and Packages

US Postal Mailboxes

Every apartment unit on campus has a mailbox located in the respective buildings' lobby.  Mailbox keys are issue one per apartment - typically to the first roommate who moves into the unit.

Tenants have a number of responsibilities in regards to their US mailbox (please contact your apartment manager if you have additional questions on mail and package delivery):



Update your address with the US Postal Service so that you are able to receive mail to your apartment's mailbox.  Affixing a note with your and your roommates names to the inside of your mailbox can help a carrier when delivering mail.



Change your address with the US Postal Service so that your mail does not continue to be delivered to your on-campus apartment after you move out.

  • During the move-out process for the University Apartments, you will be asked to provide a future address.  This is for record-keeping only; the University cannot forward mail or packages to your new address.  All residents must complete the Official USPS Change of Address process.

Lost Key


Contact your apartment manager regarding the lost key.  They will coordinate with USPS and the on-campus Lock Shop to secure the mailbox, change the lock, and issue you a new key.  (Please note that lock changes may result in additional fees).

Received another tenant's mail


If you receive mail for someone not currently occupying your apartment, it must be returned to the US Postal Service:

  • Rubber band or paperclip the mailings together (if more than one)
  • Affix a note prominently indicating "Return to Sender" or "Not at This Address"
  • Leave the bundle in your mailbox for the carrier to pick up


Campus Mailboxes

Each apartment also has a campus mailbox.  These are open and are used to distribute:

  • Building notices
  • University publications
  • Package slips



Any item too large for a mailbox, or any item delivered by a private carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, Amazon) can be accepted by Desk Receptionist staff at each apartment building.*  Individuals with a delivery will be notified via package slip in their campus mailbox.

Individual buildings may have specific mail room hours during which packages may be picked up.  Please contact your building manager or front desk for specific hours.  You will need your package slip and MUID to retrieve a package.

Please refrain from requesting packages prior to receiving notification from desk staff.  Even if your carrier has marked it as delivered, staff need time to correctly track and log packages that are received at the desks/mail rooms.

*The McCabe mail room handles package deliveries for McCabe, Gilman, and Frenn.


Mailing Addresses


Campus Town East

1500 W. Wells Street

Milwaukee, WI


Campus Town West

819 N. 16th Street

Gilman Building

1621 W. Wells Street

Frenn Building

1615 W. Wells Street

McCabe Apartments

706 N. 17th Street

The Marq

2040 W. Wisconsin Avenue