Electricity / WE Energies

Electricity in the University Apartments

As is common with apartment rentals, tenants in most of the University Apartments are responsible for their own electric accounts:

Campus Town, Gilman, Frenn Electricity paid by tenant through WE Energies
McCabe Electricity paid by landlord
The Marq Electricity paid by tenant through Marq resident portal

As a tenant in Campus Town, Gilman, Frenn, and The Marq, you are responsible for setting up your electric account through the appropriate avenue.



The Marq

Tenants at The Marq must register an account through the online Resident Portal with Capstone On-Campus Management (COCM), our partners at The Marq, to pay their electricity fees.  Each apartments' electric charges are divided evenly among roommates, and are assessed on a monthly basis - typically during the final week of each month.  Please contact COCM with any questions.



Campus Town, Gilman, Frenn

Tenants in these buildings are responsible for both setting up and shutting down their electricity service at the beginning and end of their lease.  These steps are completed directly with WE Energies, the electricity provider for Southeast Wisconsin.


Please visit the WE Energies website for residential moving services to Start or Stop your electric service.  All apartments have electricity turned on; you must simply "Start Service" to transfer the apartment into your name at the beginning of your lease, and then "Stop Service" remove your name at the end of your lease.  In addition to the standard personal data, you may need the following information:

    • Your apartment address (including your building address and your apartment number).
    • Your Previous Address.  This may be either your previous apartment of residence or your permanent (home) address.
    • Your Service Start/End date.  This is your lease start/end date

Starting and stopping your account can and should be completed in advance of your lease start or end date.

    • In most instances to start your account, you should select "No" and "Start" for the existing customer and service questions.
    • In most instances to stop your account, you should select "Yes" and "Stop" for the existing customer and service questions.

After transferring electric service into your name, you will receive your first bill via US Mail approximately one month after your lease start date.  This will provide you with details on your electric service and a unique Account Number with which you may set up online payments.


Additional Information / Frequently Asked Questions (WE Energies)

Good maintenance of your electric account has many benefits!  It can help build individual credit, it establishes residency (for voting and other legal purposes), and can also be used for future applications (such as graduate/professional school, future apartments, federal jobs, etc.).


Do I and all my roommates need to set up an account?

No.  Accounts are by address.  Therefore, only one individual in each apartment should set up an account.  We encourage you to discuss the matter with your roommates so that you have an agreed-upon plan for sharing responsibility for account setup and payment.

At The Marq, every resident must set up an account through the Resident Portal.


I was unable to, or I prefer not to, use the online system.  Now what?

In some instances, WE Energies is unable to verify your identity or previous address.  Please call their Customer Service Line at 1-800-242-9137 to set up your account over the phone.  Accounts can also be set up over the phone if you prefer not to use the online form.  In some instances, you may opt to, or WE Energies may ask you to visit one of their offices to set up an account in person.


Will my electricity be shut off if I do not set up an account?

No.  Marquette will pay any bill on your behalf, but this may be subject to additional fees.  Please see section 1.6 of your lease for more information.


When do I receive my bill from WE Energies, and when is it due?

Electric charges are assessed on a monthly basis.  When setting up your account, you may not get your first bill for several weeks (after incurring your first month of electric charges).  Once you receive your bill, WE Energies typically provides approximately 3 weeks for payment.  An example of a billing cycle may be as follows:

August 16 - September 18 Electricity Charges incurred for first month of lease
September 19 Bill mailed and/or email notification sent
October 9 Bill due

For The Marq, please view the Marq Resident Portal for details on payment due dates.

How do I pay my electric bill?

After starting your electric service, your first bill will arrive by US Mail to your apartment address.  You may mail in payment to WE Energies, or may set up Online Billing through the WE Energies website.  View all payment methods.

For The Marq, please view the Marq Resident Portal for details on payment options.


How much are electric bills?

Electric usage can vary greatly, and is dependent upon a number of factors.  A range of approximately $40-80 per month, per person is not unusual.  Regardless, electric bills may still fall outside this range.  Larger apartments, and apartment with a greater number of roommates, typically incur larger electric bills.  Fluctuating electricity costs clearly also play a factor.  WE Energies provides a number of resources for electric usage management:

While this information applies specifically to WE Energies electric accounts, advice on electric account management may also apply to The Marq.


How do I contact WE Energies?

Please visit the Utilities page for additional information.