Students sometimes need to find somebody to take their place on a lease for a variety of reasons, such as study abroad, co-op and internship opportunities.  We provide a number of flexible leasing options to help students align their academic and leasing plans, but sublets may still be necessary and are available in all University Apartments.

Please remember, changes in academic plans do not provide an exemption to fulfilling the legal obligations of the lease.  This includes studying abroad, co-ops, clinicals, or withdrawing from the university.  We encourage students to proactively make their leasing plans to fit their academic pursuits.

While our office can assist a student resident with finding a sublettor, it is ultimately the leaseholder's responsibility to find an individual to take his or her place on the lease.  A student should proceed through the following steps in order to properly execute a sublet:

1. Find an individual to sublet to.  Many students list sublet availability on Rent College Pads.  Please remember that sublettors must be enrolled as a Marquette student in order to sublease in University-owned properties.  Furthermore, if the apartment has other roommates, only same-gender sublets are allowed.

2. Inform your roommates (if applicable) that you intend to sublet.  Depending on your type of lease, they may be required to sign the subletting paperwork as well.  Regardless, it is courteous to inform them of the changes you plan to make!

3. Contact the University Apartments office with your and your sublettors information.  This includes:

  • Names
  • MUIDs,
  • Specific dates you wish to sublet

The University Apartments office will prepare the subletting paperwork.  Every sublet must be approved - in advance - by your landlord.

4. Sign the subletting paperwork.  You, your sublettor, and your roommates (if applicable) must all sign.

It is your responsibility to inform your sublettor of their legal obligations by taking over your lease.  The University Apartments office can help clarify these obligations, and a blank copy of the lease is always available for reference.

Rental billing changes will be made once the subletting paperwork is complete.  The University Apartments office cannot make any billing adjustments outside what is outlined in the lease.

Once again, please contact the University Apartments office with questions or to initiate a sublease.